Teenage Girl Uses Cannabis To Treat Leukemia & Great Results Were Seen – Doctors Publish Case Study

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cannabin_oil_cancerA recent study reveals that cannabis taken orally in the form of what is called ‘hemp oil’ can be an effective treatment for Leukemia and possibly other cancers.

The case study examines a teenage female who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia with a Philadelphia chromosome mutation. This mutation accounts for a much more aggressive case of Leukemia.

The patient underwent standard treatments of acute and aggressive chemotherapy as well as bone marrow transplants. It was found that none of these treatments were effective which led the family to explore alternatives. The alternative they chose was to treat with cannabinoids administered orally in the form of hemp oil.

Toronto doctors Yadvinder Singh, MD and Chamandeep Bali, ND detailed the case and treatment procedure in great depth -which should be read HERE for best analysis of the case.

In short, the patients condition drastically improved in terms of her blast cell counts, which are immature cells within the bone marrow that don’t end up maturing. This leads to problems with blood cell counts and results in various types of blood cancers like Leukemia.

Although the patient ended up passing away, it was due to the standard treatment method of chemotherapy which had devastating effects on the patient.

As reported by Hematology/Oncology at SickKids Hospital:

‘At admission her total WBC was 1.4, hemoglobin was 82, platelet count 8,000. She was profoundly neutropenic… a prior history of pancolitis documented by CT scan in March 2009 was neutropenic colitis with perforation… her abdomen was distended and obviously had some signs of diffuse peritonitis. The abdomen X-ray was in favour a perforation…she passed away at 10:05 in the present (sic) of family…’.

Cannabinoids did not have any toxic effects on the patient and although there were some psychosomatic properties due to the use of oil, the patients condition improved and blast cell counts were controlled.

“It goes without saying that much more research and, even more importantly, phase clinical trials need to be implemented to determine the benefits of such therapies. Laboratory analysis is critical to figure out the constituents/profiles/ratios of the vast cannabis strains that show the most favored properties for exerting possible anticancer effects.”

We have covered the topic of cannabis as a treatment for cancer in great detail and this documented case adds to the fact that serious discussion and clinical trials need to go into researching the effectiveness of cannabis as a cancer treatment. Enough evidence exists to state that not only are our current methods non-effective and toxic, but emerging methods cannot only treat a patient effectively but also leave aside toxic effects.



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  1. anonymous

    Please be very careful with ANYONE on here offering Cannabis Oil. Almost certainly theyre scammers with no phone number always just email and ask for western union etc. There are many groups on facebook dedicated to helping others and supply phone numbers and lab reports etc

    • anonymous

      I wont post the link as it looks like i favor one when there are many of good people out there but one such group is decidated to helping throughout Europe hint is in that. They have REAL success stories. They are not involved in any scams asking for money to fund projects. They dont say they give away cannabis oil and charge.

  2. rosa

    My mum is currently taking cannabis oil, it’s been one month, I see no improvement yet maybe time will tell, I read it usually takes three months to work

    • Chi

      Make sure she’s not taking hemp “seed” oil. The seed does not contain THC/CBD which is what is needed to make the cancer cell commit suicide safely. Yes, it’s illegal to get in 99% of the world’s country right now. It’s pretty much the bud/flower of the hemp plant and extracting the oil from it.

      • Duane Studer

        What if you use Cannabis leaf (think Indica strain), and stems to extract the oil. Its thick and green, and smokes like oil, but not as potent as oil made from “bud”. I am using this oil to treat skin rash and topical spray for my feet. I want to try and eat some to reduce small lumps (diabetic related) on my hips. Appreciate any help or where to obtain more research/ or someone who has used it or how much to digest per dose..

  3. I must stress that it’s not “hemp oil” it’s cannabis oil, there is a huge difference.. You want cannabis oil!

    • dale

      I hear this argument a lot. It matters not to me but I think a clear example could be brought through the chemical structure. I know the cs for cannabis is Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol. I dont know the cs for “hemp”

      • dale

        Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) seed oil: Analytical and phytochemical characterization of unsaponifiable fraction.

        • dale

          “hemp” is cannabis ….. This strain of cannabis is very low in thc content. Most of the folks making oil are using the indica strain which has been hybrid into very high yielding
          thc levels. So there ya go :)

    • I buy HEMP oil in New Zealand, didnt think it was the same as CANNABIS OIL. (Hemp oil tastes like peanut butter)

    • Where can you buy cannabis oil? I know that people make their own. Hemp oil can be bought but as you pointed out isn’t the same, and is cannabis oil you need. I have bone cancer.. would be great if could legitimately buy this. What about essiac tea? Has this been tried? Any good? Ketogenic diet or gersons? Any good?

      • Babsi Patel, I see you’re in London. Contact me by pm and I can help you. I am using the oil for my breast cancer

      • Bev

        Google Rick Simpson and Cannibis

      • Sharon House

        I understand that apricot kernel seeds contain the B-17 that is needed to take care of cancer. That is what I would try if I were in your shoes. I was surprised to find these seeds for sale on Amazon. 2# for $30. Not bad for something like 1500 seeds. They taste horrible (not everyone thinks so) but who cares. It’s better than the alternative. I take 6 seeds a day for preventative measures. Would probably need at least 3x that amount. Research it. This is only one thing to try. There are many others.

        • Mateja Bukatarevic

          Be aware that it also contains cyanide.. so be careful about quantity of seeds taken : :)

          • Apple seeds also contain cyanide. Did you know you need to eat a large bowl full of apple seeds to get enough cyanide to be affected? It’s pretty much the same with apricot kernels. I currently take 6 x 500mg daily in my personal cancer protocol with no effect to my general health and well being. Of course, every person is different and every cancer is different, so caution is always a good thing.

      • bayani

        i got cannabis oil from a source in the usa sent it to me in the philipines if you need oil contact me and ill give you the info

  4. Gerald Sutliff

    There’s a guy, formerly located in Canada, who tells all about his treatment using marijuana extract successfully. Even so he was run out of Canada where marijuana is more or less legal. At the moment I don’t have the how to at hand. But it is locate-able on line.

    • Earl Cress

      if i remember rightly he live in NS Canada, he also made a hour movie to show what he had found and wonted the world too know about it, the link to the movie is below

  5. I want to know who to get this? Please respond. Thank you

    • Earl Cress

      if i remember rightly he live in NS Canada, he also made a hour movie to show what he had found and wonted the world too know about it, the link to the movie is below
      (this is all no youtube and will be vary helpful)

  6. Michelle

    Let them eat cake.

  7. If I saved your life I would be called a “Hero”. Marijuana is saving untold lives everyday. Some are little children that are given a chance to live a life pharmaceutical Companies could never offer. What does it take to open peoples eye’s to the lie’s ?

  8. Chris

    The oil isn’t enough for all cancers and all aren’t treated orally. Sometimes suppositories, or topical salves are the method of using. Total immersion is necessary in many cases which is where the patient is supposed to consume as many cannabinoids as they can without it causing discomfort. Everyone’s different but through controlling the bodies alkalinity and consuming massive amounts of CBD AND THC!

  9. Thanks for posting this!

  10. Steve Joseph

    In my opinion,it is nothing short of a crime against humanity,if it is proven than the Cannabis Oil ,is an effective cure, and/or treatment,against,this scourge that is cancer,and the authorities have baulked,at legalising it,because of their narrow minded bigorty!

  11. To deny safe, effective medication to people in great need is a “Crime Against Humanity”.

  12. Still misinforming the public I see on “Hemp Oil”. Hemp wont cure cancer just as Cannabis dont make good fiber. Its not a rocket science.

    • You are correct Kevin, this needs to be delt with. The difference is huge! Hempoil you can get at the healthfood shop, it’s very healthy, bit you need cannabis oil THC/CBD to cure your illness :) CBD Crew seeds is THC/CBD rich and perfect for this.

    • John

      Hemp can and will help. It has a much higher CBD count than marijuana does. BTW Hemp IS cannabis just as marijuana is. THC alone will not defeat cancer but neither will CBD alone it takes both to properly treat the disease. THC causes cell death while CBD stops the reproduction of the cancer cells.

  13. Hi Joe
    Tried to open your recent article on Hemp Makes Big Strides but keep getting

    Error 404 – Not found.
    Oops! That page can’t be found.

    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.
    Go back to homepage


  14. There is so much in the way of anecdotal evidence that shows hemp oil, like Rick Simpsons Oil, cure a wide variety of cancers and other illnesses. Of course, there will be years of studies ad nauseum and most people will wait with hands folded while loved ones go through conventional treatments that poison their bodies.
    My husband was dx’d with stage 4 mantle cell lymphoma 9 years ago. He died a year later of toxic liver failure from chemo and a bone narrow transplant. He smoked cannibis to relieve nausea and ease his hepatic hiccups, but I wish I’d known about the oil. We would have made it ourselves.

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