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Cold fusion is a certain type of nuclear reaction that occurs at or near room temperature. In years past, it was studied as theoretical and hypothetical, but scientists all over the world have attested to the possibility, and possible reality of cold fusion and the tremendous implications it can have for  clean energy generation. It is a form of energy generated when hydrogen interacts with various metals like nickel and palladium. It has been subject to a large amount of criticism and opposition.

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Many scientists have confirmed its reality, and many remain very skeptical.

Cold fusion, like free energy  would eliminate the entire energy industry. No more oil, no more anything. To be honest, in my opinion free energy is real. This alone would eliminate the need for cold fusion. Either way, both are extremely important.

Cold fusion is not a conspiracy, hundreds of people in over 12 countries have been investigating the process with success. Thousands of papers have been published and are available for review at

I don’t know much about cold fusion, and I am still researching more about it but from everything I’ve looked at so far, there is no doubt in my mind that cold fusion is real.

A paper published by Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons claimed to successfully demonstrate cold fusion. (1) It is highly controversial, and you can learn more about it by listening to this lecture given by MIT professor Peter Hagelstein. He outlines that the primary implication of the Fleischmann-Pons experiment is that there may be new physics which allows for clean nuclear energy production. This is why cold fusion is so important. Good scientists from good laboratories were not able to reproduce the Fleischmann and Pons experiment, which leads to its classification as pseudoscience. In fact, Fleischmann and Pons were not even able to replicate their own experiment.

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A few years ago, scientists led by Physics Professor Yoshiaki Arata of Osaka University in Japan claimed to have made a successful demonstration of cold fusion.(2) The experiment was done in front of 60 onlookers, physicists and reporters from major newspapers and TV studious. These are two examples of the many reported cases of cold fusion. Italian scientists Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi of the University of Bologna announced that they have developed a cold fusion device capable of producing 12,400W of heat power with an input of just 400W and held a similar demonstration. The list goes on and on.

If cold fusion is real, it would change our entire planet. If cold fusion is not real, it is extremely clear that scientists are very close to figuring it out, as it continues to be heavily studied all around the world by major institutions and universities. Perhaps one of the most shocking, interesting and convincing interviews on the subject comes from Dr. Eugene Mallove.

Eugene Mallove held a BS and MS degree in aeronautical and astronautical engineering from MIT and a Doctorate in environmental health sciences from Harvard University. He was also the chief science writer at the MIT news office at the time of the first cold fusion break through in 1989.  He worked at Hughes Research Laboratories, MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory and was a consultant for research and development of new energies. He was a giant in the new energy field and in bringing awareness to new ways through which we can change our world, a field that threatens multiple corporate interests.

Dr. Eugene Mallove was murdered on May 14th, 2004. He was a long time advocate for new energy, and perhaps the most well known spokesperson for the field. Very brave, wonderful soul that had a strong desire to change the world.

This is a must listen if you are interested in cold fusion.

I’d also like to mention here the invention secrecy act of 1951, which  imposes secrecy orders on certain patent applications that contain what the government defines as sensitive information.(3)(4) In 2010, there were over five thousand inventions that were under secrecy orders. The current list of technology that is used to screen patent applications for possible restriction under the Invention Secrecy Act is not publicly available and has been denied under the Freedom of Information Act.

A previous list, however, dated back to 1971 does exist.Which indicates that patents for solar photovoltaic generators were subject to review and restriction. Energy conversion systems were also subject to restriction if they offered conversion efficiencies in excess of seventy to eighty percent. Something to think about. You can view the entire list here.

Regardless of whether you think cold fusion is real, even if you doubt zero-point energy, it’s clear that our current way of generating energy is very elementary. It’s very clear that it doesn’t have to be this way, so ask yourself, who is benefiting from suppressing scientific research? Whose power and wealth is threatened by access to clean and free energy?

Who is benefiting from suppressing scientific research? Whose power and wealth is threatened by access to clean and free energy? Who has the desire to create a system where so few have so much, and so many have so little? – See more at:

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