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Several years ago, I was on Facebook and happened to go over to David Icke’s page, on there I saw a post from a website called 😉 I really enjoyed this article and decided to add the fellow who had posted this so that I could see more articles like this one. As I went to “add him as a friend,” the option I was given was instead “respond to friend request.” My heart kind of stopped and I was shocked that somehow both this stranger and myself,  literally had added each other on Facebook just seconds apart. What reason would he have had to add me? We didn’t know each other and to my memory I hadn’t left a comment on the post or anything. Amazed I messaged him and explained what happened and what a crazy coincidence that was. His response to me was, “you know what they say, ‘there are no coincidences.’” That was about four and a half years ago. Remarkably, that “stranger” became my boyfriend, Joe, of almost 4 years and counting and my so called ‘job’ is writing for the website That is just one example of many different synchronistic events that brought me, a girl from a small town in Northern British Columbia, all the way across Canada to the city of Toronto, home of Collective Evolution.

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everything_happens_for_a_reason-3445The concept of synchronicity was first termed by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung in the 1920’s. His definition of the word is defined as a meaningful coincidence of outer and inner events that are not themselves causily connected. The keyword here is meaningful. Some people just shrug off all events as mere coincidences, but I think that we have all had events in our lives that are just too perfect, or happen at the exact time you need something to just shrug away. I don’t know about you, but when these miraculous events do occur they usually leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling and a sense of magic in my life.

Another synchronistic event that happened to me was when my cat who was at the time my kitten, Maeby, knocked a glass of water onto my fairly new Macbook Pro. Obviously it shut off, and even after I let it dry, it still wouldn’t turn on. After a couple of days I decided to take it to the Apple Store to see if they could fix it. I was pretty sure that because it was water damage that they would not fix it, and I wasn’t even sure if I still had any warranty left on it. My plan was to play dumb and act like I had no idea what was wrong with it. Not knowing that you need an appointment at the Apple Store I walked in one day and said I wanted to get my computer fixed, the guy asked if I had an appointment and I said no, he told me I needed an appointment. I started to walk away, but then he said to wait because I was in luck, they had one opening for the last appointment of the day in 5 minutes. Perfect, I wouldn’t have to go all the way back there. When I got to the lady who was going to check it out, she did and told me that is was water damage, exactly what I knew, but was pretending to not know. She checked my warranty and to my surprise it was the very last day of my 1 year warranty. She said that because I still had the warranty that I could re-new the “Apple Care” warranty and I could get my computer fixed for about a quarter of the price, and she would overlook the water damage. Awesome, talk about perfect timing! I walk into the store, and get the last appointment of the day, on the very last day of my warranty.

So, What Is The Purpose Of Synchronicity?

synchronicity-whale1From my understanding a synchronicity is supposed to make you stop and be in the moment. It helps to strengthen your faith in God- or whatever you want to call it, The Universe, Source, The Field of Potential, whatever floats your boat. When a synchronicity occurs the Universe makes itself known to you. According to Carl Jung, synchronicities are more likely to happen at times of extremes during your lifetime. Maybe after you just lost a job, or a partner. Maybe your dog died. Maybe you just fell in love, reconnected with a long lost friend. There are times when synchronicities will occur more frequently. They also tend to show up a lot when you are on the right life path.

An example from Carl Jung’s own work is the story of Mr. Deschamps, Mr. Fortgibu and the plum pudding. Mr. Deschamps was given a piece of plum pudding when he was a boy in Orleans, France. Ten years later he saw some plum pudding at a restaurant in Paris and asked if he could have some, to his surprise the last piece had just been ordered by the same man, Mr. Fortgibu. Many years later he was invited to a dinner party, when offered some plum pudding he reminisced and said now all that is missing is Mr. Fortgibu. At that exact moment the door opens and in walks an old and senile Mr. Fortgibu who had come to the wrong address.

How To Recognize Synchronicity In Your Life

I do believe that everything happens for a reason, so with that being said it is difficult for me to believe that random coincidences are possible. I do however; believe that not all events that occur in our lives hold significant meaning. If you are a skeptical person and don’t really believe in the theory of synchronicities, it would be easy for you to dismiss such events as coincidental or even as just sheer luck. But when you really believe in synchronicities and the more you open yourself up to experiencing them and finding them, the more you will experience in your life.

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Even while I was in the process of writing this article and having my conscious awareness focused towards synchronicities I experienced several. One of them happened today, I was thinking about my Mom for a while and just now, as I was writing this article, about synchronicity, I get a call from my Mom… Oh Universe, you silly goose. 🙂

Please feel free to share some of the amazing synchronicities that have happened in your own life in the comments section below!

Much Love

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