Molecular Biologist Explains How THC Completely Kills Cancer Cells

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Below is a video of Dr. Christina Sanchez, a molecular biologist at Compultense University in Madrid, Spain, clearly explaining how THC (the main psychoactive constitute of the cannabis plant) completely kills cancer cells.

Not long ago, we published an article examining a case study recently published where doctors used cannabis to treat Leukemia, you can read more about that here. To read more articles and view studies about how cannabis is an effective treatment and cure for cancer, click here.

Cannabinoids refer to any group of related compounds that include cannabinol and the active constituents of cannabis. They activate cannabinoid receptors in the body. The body itself produces  compounds called endocannabinoids and they play a role in many processes within the body that help to create a healthy environment. I think it’s also important to note that cannabis has been shown to treat cancer without any psychoactive effects.

Cannabinoids have been proven to reduce cancer cells as they have a great impact on the rebuilding of the immune system. Although not every strain of cannabis has the same effect, more and more patients are seeing success in cancer reduction in a short period of time by using cannabis. Contrary to popular  belief, smoking cannabis does not assist a great deal in treating disease within the body as therapeutic levels cannot be reached through smoking. Creating oil from the plant or eating the plant is the best way to go about getting the necessary ingredients, the cannabinoids.

The world has come a long way with regards to accepting this plant as a medicine rather than a harmful substance. It’s a plant that could benefit the planet in more ways than one. Cannabis is not something offered in the same regard as chemotherapy, but more people are becoming aware if it, which is why it’s so important to continue to spread information like this. Nobody can really deny the tremendous healing power of this plant.

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While we all throw around the term “Cancer” loosely, do we really know what it is and what it means?

Have you ever wondered why, despite the billions of dollars spent on cancer research over many decades and the promise of a cure which is forever “just around the corner,” cancer continues to increase?

The Truth About Cancer is a powerful docu-series that goes through powerful research behind cancer, treatment and new information that we all should know.

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  1. venicek

    to all who have tried I admire you and I thank u regardless of KILLING cancer or not I have decided that my treatments and adjustments will be handled naturally thc cbd and other essentials have been integrated into my diet would rather live with it at bay for 10-20 yrs than die trying in 3-6 months thanks for all positive thoughts please keep your negative thoughts to yourself positive healing energy only ;)

  2. Dawn

    Dose anyone know if it can kill the early stages of pre-

    • oldmsrebel

      Heard it does great.
      also may check Dr Robert Morse site .
      know of people who successfully used him.

      • Dale Ruff

        No one can answer that because there is no research to base an opinion. People will gladly tell you what you wish to hear, what they wish to be true, but the truth is, the studies are lacking to know.

        Here is my hunch and the reason for it> I think natural remedies are most effective in early stages when the issue is building up the body’s natural defenses. Later on, more aggressive traditional medicine may be necessary, but in early stages, there is a good chance that a natural treatment such as cannabis will be effective.

        That view is based only on assumptions, however, which may be valid, but we just don’t have enough information to come to anything but guesses and hunches. However, another thing about natural treatments is that they almost always can do no harm, but it is not risky to try, in most cases.

        Good luck from a cancer survivor (cannabis user for 50 years; had to have surgery….100% effective),

    • I would say yes, give it a try…. was told had a spot on my lung 1 yr ago, said lets wait see, used CBD hemp oil for 11 months next check up no spot. It certainly can’t hurt you and “hemp” oil is legal in all 50 states. I take issue with the title of this article THC is not apart of the CBD oil, which contains the cannabinoids that are used in treating cancer.

      • I tend to trust the molecular biologists when it comes to molecular biology. Not only did this biologist find that THC kills cancer cells, but so have many other studies.
        “WEDNESDAY, April 1 (HealthDay News) — New research out of Spain suggests that THC — the active ingredient in marijuana — appears to prompt the death of brain cancer cells.

        The finding is based on work with mice designed to carry human cancer tumors, as well as from an analysis of THC’s impact on tumor cells extracted from two patients coping with a highly aggressive form of brain cancer.

        Explaining that the introduction of THC into the brain triggers a cellular self-digestion process known as “autophagy,” study co-author Guillermo Velasco said his team has isolated the specific pathway by which this process unfolds, and noted that it appears “to kill cancer cells, while it does not affect normal cells.”

        Velasco is with the department of biochemistry and molecular biology in the School of Biology at Complutense University in Madrid. The findings were published in the April issue of The Journal of Clinical Investigation.”

        This link reports on several studies which found cannabis to kill cancer cells:

        I am happy your treatment worked, but it is a scientific fact that THC kills cancer cells.

      • Mark Hill

        Hello to everyone
        My name is Mark and I’m a cancer survivor and in my opinion its due to cannabis oil.
        On 15/08/2014 I was diagnosed with liver cancer and cirrhosis due to Hep C ( result of a misspent youth) and was told I did’nt have a good prognosis, couple of years maybe.
        I had a 6cm tumour which couldn’t be resected and a tumor marker reading of 1800, normal is around 7 and was told no chance of a transplant any time soon.
        On 2/10/2014 I began taking cannabis oil twice per day, each dose was about the size of a rice grain and on 13/10/2014 I presented for my first TACE treatment and the radiologist couldn’t perform the procedure as he couldn’t find any tumor to administer the chemo into, both he and all the staff at the hospital, one Australia’s leading liver clinics, were completely gobsmacked as is my liver specialist who has only seen this twice in her long career but those people had one very small tumor.
        So I was sent home and had another scan and blood test on 19/11/2014, tumor marker was 7 and no sign of any tumor or cirrhosis.
        I have to say I have not told any of my doctors about the oil hence their completely astounded attitude and when I have quizzed them about their opinion of alternative treatments the attitude is decidedly dismissive, mums the word for now!!
        I am scheduled for a check up scan and bloods on 23/02/2015 and will continue with the oil at least until then.
        So all in all an amazing experience and I will wait for the next exciting episode

        • Evelyn

          Hi, can you send me a link where to buy the hemp oil, please.
          Thank you

        • Erroll

          Can anyone tell me if this Oil is available in Australia yet – legally?
          Also, I am confused, which one is effective THC or CBD?

      • A Horne

        I’ve understood that it is the THC that kills the cancer and not the CBD as it affects the delta 9

    • Linda Keegan

      I sure hope so . Time to give dope a go I think .

    • George Allen
  3. MattMatt

    If you are going to eat cannabis then you need to cook it. In its raw form cannabis is mostly cannabinoid acids like THCA which need heat to convert to THC. So while eating cannabis is the best way to get enough cannabinoids into your body those cannabinoids are only present in cannabis after decarboxylation (converting THCA to THC, CBDA to CBD etc.)

    • Herminigildo C. Apuya

      MattMaff, Some 50 years later this extraction and freeze drying technique was rediscovered by Norwegian scientist, Doctor Bjodne Eskeland that partially incubated,fertilized hen eggs, contained a special combination of amino acids peptides and protein fractions that could provide an array of health benefits when consumed by humans, In theory, this partially incubated 9 days-old fertilized eggs, contain all the nutrients to start a new life.this includes Vitamins, Minerals and proteins, as well as important defense factors, hormones and other biologically active components.. Also, to prevent the potentcy of herbs it must not be under high temperature

    • Arik

      actually juicing raw cannabis is one of the best ways to take it medicinally, cannabinoids have medicinal value before losing the water molecule, THCA however is not psycho active, drying cannabis is necessary to get the psycho active effects of THC, which many medical cannabis patients are trying to avoid

      • MattMatt

        THCA is not psychoactive, as you say, and does have medicinal value BUT THCA cannot activate the Cb1 and Cb2 receptors, which is how THC kills cancer cells. THC has been shown to kill many types of cancer, THCA has not. So while THCA does have its own medicinal value, including some possible anti cancer properties, it is only the activated/decarboxylated THC that is actually proven to kill cancer

        • Mike T

          A number of studies have shown that CBD kills cancer cells and have identified the pathways by which cancer cell death occurs. CBD is the cannabinoid I have usually seen cited as having promise for cancer treatment, and it is interesting to hear that THC has promise also. Matt, you probably know whether decarboxilation is needed to activate CBD and can speak to that. I just wanted to point out the small correction.

  4. Forget what you think you know about medical marijuana, you owe it to yourself to read up on the cutting edge research
    Granny Storm Crows’s medical marijuana research & study index…over 1000 pages.
    In 2008, Italy’s University del Piemarte and Britain’s University of London tested five different cannabinoids on various strains of multi-resistant bacteria (including MRSA). All the compounds showed “potent antibacterial activity.” Cannabinoids were “exceptional at halting the spread of MRSA.”
    A second study in 2008 reported non-cannabinoid constituents in the plant also possess antibacterial properties against MRSA and malaria.
    FREE! FREE! FREE! E-BOOK ” The Emperor Wears No Clothes ”
    This is the book that started the cannabis hemp revolution. More than 600,000 copies have been sold to date. Jack wanted this information to be available to everyone, so he published the text of the book here on the internet for free.
    Healing with raw cannabis.

    Please share this info with others.

    • Daniel, I have been invested in medical marijuana stocks for years. I have survived cancer of the prostate. I not only am familiar with the research but have personally used cannabis for my cancer, as well as many other compounds. None worked, so I had my prostate removed.

      I am speaking from knowledge and experience. I t ihave used marijuana for 45 years; if it would prevent cancer, I would never have got it. In vivo in a human body is far different from in vitro or used directly as a lotion.

      Something ingested or smoked does not necessarily get to the cancer cells in internal organs. I am invested in corporations working on these issues, and if they ever succeed, their value will jump from a few pennies to hundreds of dollars per stock.

      We all hope for that day, but is it cruel to tell people, from having read a few articles, that that day has arrived.
      I have been cancer free now for 7 years.

      • Herminigildo C. Apuya

        ruffsoft, a have a case of prostate cancer subject for operation but due to low resistance of the patient operation was off, but i try 22 medicinal herbs food supplements and for two weeks with higher dosage the prostate was gone. pls check Dr. Bjodne Eskeland 1929 ,a scientist who pioneer in treatment of cancer by a super functional food supplements with Fibroblast Growth Factor 2 ( FGF 2)

        • Denise Millet

          Please give a link with more info. A friend of mine has early signs of prostate cancer. I want to help him!

        • i TOOK medicinal herbs and foods, etc for 1 yr and my prostate psa only got worse. It’s hard to believe that your cancer was gone in two weeks….be sure to be retested. If it worked as you say, good for you and may others follow your lead. What was your psa score before treatment? Mine was about 12.

          Since having my prostate removed, no cancer at all for 6-7 yrs.

        • The medicinal herbs, etc didn’t work for my prostate cancer; My diet for 40 years has been anti-cancer and I tried herbs, and anti-cancer foods, etc for one year and my cancer only got worse, so I had it removed. Since then, zero cancer. I am a long term vegan and have used cannabis (smoke) for decades. I tried everything in the natural field but it just didn’t work for me. This is why ancecdotal incidences are not evidence.

          • Mike T

            I agree with ruffsoft, there are no miracle cures out there currently, so look carefully into all of your options. I just completed surgery and 11 cycles of chemo for stomach cancer (great fun…), and am continuing targeted treatment with Herceptin. I have been using cannabis to deal with chemo side effects and am very thankful for it. A balanced CBD/THC content in edible hard candy or chocolate seems to work best for me. All that said, I recognize course of treatment and how far to go is a very personal decision. Some chose to forego chemo because, well, its poison. Now that I am recovering, I am re-examining diet, supplements, etc. to get healthy again. Its my hope that in the coming years cannabis and other alternative treatments will get the same level of research as other drugs.

      • Marlene Moriarty

        Hi my name is Marlene. I now stay in Swaziland. I make different fruit juices with hemp. I am no doctor but an ex financial accountant. I no longer take medication for my epilepsy by drinking this juice. I haven’t had a seizure in four months and have been drinking this juice since April this year. I no longer suffer the terrible side affects of medication and have a better quality of life.

  5. It was killing the cancer cells so it will and does cure cancer .

    • I share your hopes but the fact that something will kill cancer cells in a petri dish in no way means it will kill cancer cells in the body. An alkaline soluition will kill cancer cells, but you can drink all the alkaline water you want and it will not necessarily work on real cancer cells.

      The key to cures for cancer is finding substances which can actually work on actual cancer cells in a living body, without causing serious harm in the process.

      Until a substance has been proved to kill cancer cells in the body, it is not valid to argue that it is a cancer cure because it can kill cancer cells out of the body.

      I am a cancer survivor, who ate an anti-cancer diet for decades, tried all sorts of supplements and cancer-killing foods *(like rasberries, etc) and even an illegal drug which actually did lower my psa but also caused peripheral neuropathy. In the end, after trying everything that I was told would work, I went back to my urologist and had my prostate removed (with a da Vinci robotic assistant)..since then 7 yrs ago, I have had zero cancer.

      The trick is to find a way to get cancer killing substances (which do not cause harm) to operate inside the body.
      There are a hundred substances which will kill cancer cells outside the body, but what medical researchers must find are ways to get them to effect the cells in the body.

        • I have been invested in medical marijuana stocks for years, including those which produce topical oils.

          My point was that direct contact is needed, as in vitro and as an applied lotion. But getting the anti-cancer compunds to internal organs, such as the prostate (my cancer—I have used cannabis for 45 years), is another issue.

          Your link makes MY point. Boom! How do you get cannabis compounds into the cancer cells in the colon or prostate? That is the issue. Direct application to external tumors has proven to be relatively effective, and that is why, years ago, I put my money where my mouth is. But when I got cancer, neither cannabis nor any other compounds were able to stop the growth (so I finally had my prostate removed).

      • Steve C

        ruffsoft, What penny stocks do you see as a good value right now? I’d like to check them out. Thanks!!!

        • Right now, the entire markets stinks. It is still coming down from the delusional spike last year where everything went up 1000% of percent in some cases (like HEMP). Look at the charts for HEMP, MJNA CBIS NVLX GRNH CANV, ETC and you will see the real dive and then the crazy spike, and the steady decline since.

          My account is down about 35% since January, which is about what the whole market is down. There is no logic in this. Almost all buyng medical MJ stocks is emotional, usually based on good news on the legalization front.
          The companies are not making money. The most interesting are the cancer research stocks, which of course are in debt with no groundbreaking products but many interesting advances in clinical trials. This is the kind of thing where if one of the cancer stocks really reached the finish line, it would be worth a thousand times more than it is today (CBIS is at .08—if its trails all were outstanding, it could, potentially, be worth $30??????

          Many trade (and lose) based on the chance of a real huge winner….and that would argue for owning as many stocks as possible because, as in all new industries, most fail.

          Right now, I would watch the market and if it approaches bottom levels it reached before the huge spike, I would buy……..I am debating getting out and waiting either for the market to go down more and buy back in or start a movement up again. AFter each spike, it takes quite a while to settle down to prices close to worthless.,

      • JimiJames

        Seriously just stop…This was the first ever study carried out on human beings not a f*cking petri dish….do you homework and stop spreading bullsh*t.

        • I am a cancer survivor. In an attempt to avoid conventional medicine, I gave myself one year of alternative treatments, including cannabis, oriental medicine, etc etc. Nothing helped. So my urologist removed my cancer-ridden prostate and I have not had any signs since.

          Here are the words of Dr. Sanchez: “We observed that when we treated these cells with cannabinoids, THC, the main psychoactive component of cannabis, it was killing the cells in our Petri dishes. We were killing the cells. So we said that we were facing some potential anti-tumoral responses.

          We started to do experiments in animal of models of glioblastomas – brain tumors – and we observed that cannabinoids were very potent in reducing tumoral growth.

          ”We are in contact with doctors in Spain, neurooncologists and breast cancer specialists, that are willing to test these compounds in human patientsWe are in contact with doctors in Spain, neurooncologists and breast cancer specialists, that are willing to test these compounds in human patients.”


          So no testing has yet been done on living human beings yet.

          I hope the testing is very positive. I have been an advocate of cannabis for over 50 years. I have grown medical marijuana and helped hundreds of people with health issues. But until testing on human beings confirms what has been confirmed in the Petri dish and and lab animals. Dr. Sanchez is a serious and does not claim that her treatments will killed cancer in human beings. What she says is: “At this point, we have enough pre-clinical evidence supporting the idea that cannabinoids may have anti-tumoral properties.”

          I hope she is right, but let’s take a look at your false and rude comment:

          “Seriously just stop…This was the first ever study carried out on human beings not a f*cking petri dish….do you homework and stop spreading bullsh*t.”

          I hope that Dr. Sanchez’s own words will convince you that you owe me an apology and anyone who may have been persuaded by your false claims that Dr Sanchez’s treatment has cured cancer in human be ings.

          The interview from which I am quoting was published in February of this year at

          You need to wash your mouth out, admit you were wrong, and stop “spreading bullsh#t.”

          • im sorry it did not work for you but for me it helps with tremors, next we will see about the brain tumor.. seems that the chemicals in cannabis are some of the few that will pass blood brain barrier
            Guess by now you might be looking at making money off those stocks as two companies have developed cannabis pills to deal with MS and parkinson also epilepsy is the next treatment to come out. But yett another company is awaiting FDA approval for their pill/ drug

          • The medical mj stock market has tanked; my portfolio is 50% down. All of the legitimate research being done is still in early stages with much financing and time to follow before any of them hits it big. There are also lots of companies that are basically a couple of guys writing PR to boost stock prices.

            It’s a sad fact that the cannabis industry, from its long connection with the pot underworld, and its promise of quick riches attracts a lot of scammers BTW, if my portfolio were UP, I wouldn’t be saying this…..

            So right now I am concentrated in 2 serious research/development stocks (nvlx and cbis) which have interesting and so far productive cannabis treatments showing great early trials. If one of these hits the target, sometime within a few years–an approved treatment based on cannabis–it would be become an attractive acquisition by a major drug company with big bucks to promote.

            These are penny stocks which are by definition risky. I personally believe medical marijuana is an enormous potential market so I feel it is a a good investment……perhaps buying in a trough might make sense but you never know how low penny stocks can go.

        • Not only have I survived cancer after trying various treatments, including cannabis, but I have my Roth IRA totally invested in medical marijuana stocks. But we have to operate according to the evidence, not our cherished wishes. I have used medical marijuana for 18 yrs, and my deepest wish is that it will prove to be an effective cure for cancer. But we have to stick to the evidence, JimiJames. I am hoping that medical marijuana will find a cure for cancer, which will make me rich!

  6. buddhaflow
  7. Jim L.

    Although I do not dispute the potential benefits of Cannabis, true scientific research never uses the word proven as in “Cannabinoids have been proven to reduce cancer cells”. Scientific inquiry can only create a hypothesis and develop a theory, not “prove” anything… They never use the word prove, this article appears to be written by a lay person not a scientific researcher…

    • dale

      While it is true that a scientific theory can never be absolutely proved (a thesis put forth by Humes in the 18th Century), it is nevertheless true that there is such a thing as a fact.

      A fact is not a theory but a credible theory must conform to and explain the facts.

      For instance, evolution is both a theory and a fact. As a theory, it could be falsified by facts which do not fit–it cannot be absolutely proved.But evolution is also an observable fact: scientists every day observe the mutation of microbes as a fact. The theory of how this happens may be unprovable in the absolute sense,but the fact tha t organic life changes over time is not disputable.

      The statement that cannaibis kills cancer cells is not a theory but an observable fact; I can also state that many substances can kill cancer cells, without going into the theory of how this happens. The fact must be liimited to the circustances; a substance that kills cancer in petri dish, as a fact, does not prove that the same substeance, if ingested or smoked, will kill cancer cells in the body.

      It is a fact, for instance, that if you drink too much water, you will die. Our theory of why this happens may not be provable absolutely, but the fact that an excess of water will kill is indisputable.

      Therefore, criticizing others for not being scientifically literate should be left to those who understand the difference between theory and fact and their relationship.

      Over 250 years ago, David Hume argued brilliantly that there is no such thing as a natural law, only constant conjunctions. Something may happen for a million years without any variance (such as gravity) and yet we cannot state with certainty (which law implies) that gravity will operate tomorrow as it has for as long as men have observed it.

      On a practical level, we risk our lives everyday based not on proven scientific theories but overwhelming correlation (or “constant conjunction”). We fly, we take drugs, we do all sorts of things which are not based on proved theory but on a very strong theory with no observed discrepancies.

      Therefore, given that we can not predict the future, we must trust in the evidence of the past—the theory of flight, which cannot be “proven” nevertheless is so validated by human experience that we trust it….and I suggest that this same trust be given to new and promising cures for cancer, without quibbling about whether the proof is absolute.

    • So you go by the medical dictionary that is funded and approved by the government and FDA….. of course anything that the FDA approves has no certain help. Cannabis is truly an medicine that has many Benefits….. PROVEN, but we have pharmaceuticals studies that wind up with numbers of benefit at 40% rate of working, some Medications they use approve have a success rate of 15% or lower….. When you go through 28 yrs of the Medical system as a terminal ill patient, you might know a lil more about how many drugs they put on study and approve after a shitty study, BECAUSE IT MIGHT WORK ON SOMEONE ELSE, well some of them Medications that one will be studied on will either be used for something else unrelated to you illness or on the bad drug commercial.

      • You are being played, Bob. Behind the govt and FDA rulings are the corporations of Big Pharma, who use their wealth to write the laws. This will not change until we removed money from the political and legislative process.

        Blaming government for being captured by government is playing into the hands of the corporations, which need useful idiots to shift blame from those who pay the piper to the piper himself. Make giving money to a politician (or his campaign) illegal and you will find that the piper is playing for the people, not the corporations.

        Current federal laws against cannabis are written and supported by Big Pharma. By shifting the blame to the government, which is only obeying its masters, you are unable to understand that only by ending the ability of private interests to buy the laws and policies they want to maximize their own profits, will we ever have a government that serves we the people.

        • James Crothers

          How will we ever pass that “law” if they can’t be bought and paid for, by we the people? Now that’s an idea!

          • All significant advances–emancipation civil rights, expansion of right to vote, the 8 hr day, child labor laws, etc h ad to overcome the legal structure and established power….it takes massive and persistent public pressure, collective struggle.

            As individuals (the libertarian solution) we have no power compared to the oligarchies which dominate the political and legislative process. But together, we can do anything.

    • Aaron

      I would rather believe this than the bs media and propaganda the government feed us Its a corporatocracy we live in, I would rather live knowing the truth rather than living my life as a lie, The truth hurts, but i believe it’s better than living a life in Ignorance.

  8. free the weed

  9. Clive Lawler

    Smoking cannabis may not be strong enuf to deal with serious disease, however regarding my sleep apnoea, smoking in the evening ensures me an entirely clear, apnoea-free sleep.

  10. Ed Nichol

    What is the normal molecule that is being mimicked?

  11. megan lipschitz

    My husband Has colorectal metastatic. Stage 4 cancer – is it too late for this treatment?

    • Budi Gunawan

      Maybe not too late. But go for alkaline food. I go with chitosan. It is also a natural cancer killer that does it by turning the body chemical environment into very cancer unfriendly place. More acidic our body is, the more cancer can thrive. Go for alkaline food and get this canabis. May you find the cure, my prayer with you Megan.

      • dale

        False hope, based on illusions, is worse than facing the truth. While it is true that cancer is caused by acidification, it is not true that alkaline food changes the basic cell chemistry.

        Many natural treatments, including cannabis, are very useful at early stages (or preventively) but have much less effect in later stages.

        I am a cancer survivor. I did natural supplements,alkaline diet, cannabis, and oriental medicine for one year, and it only got worse (I was already a vegan with a very anti-cancer diet). I tried the nasty chemical that Canadian researchers found effective in animals (DMC), and it DID lower my PSA but it also caused peripheral neuropathy (which I still have) and after a while, stalled out. So I had my prostrate removed, and my PSA tests since (7 yrs ago) have shown zero indications of cancer (most healthy people have much higher levels). You could say I was lucky tho I credit my plant-based diet and 50 years of cannabis use with keeping the cancer from spreading……tho I don’t know for sure.

        I would try anything that might work if there were no other options. I would not accept myths about alkaline food changing the chemistry of cancer cells. I would eat an alkaline diet, however, for other reasons.

      • Karolyn

        Apple cider vinegar also assists in alkalinzing the body. Easy to drink in a glass of water with natural sweetener. Only raw apple cider vinegar like Bragg.

        • Is there ANY evidence that alkalinizing your stomach through diet will effect the alkalinity/acidity in the cells where cancer forms due to excessive acidification?

          I know of non evidence that by using an alkaline diet that I can change the ph of my cells.

          I am a cancer survivor, and I tried alkaline diet and it didn’t help a bit, then my doctor explained that an alkaline diet does not change the chemistry of cancer cells. Was he wrong?

    • Rebekah

      No it is not! Watch Rick Simpsons Run From the Cure! People have taken the cannabis oil is their last stages of cancer when the doctors said it was too late and they have went into remission. I am no Doctor and I can’t tell you it will work, but really what does he have to loose. The least it can do is treat his symptoms. Good Luck!

    • Teresa Ross

      Just in case you’re not aware, there’s a facebook group (private) called Cannabis Oil Success Stories where you’ll find a ton of useful info. No, it’s not too late for your husband…

  12. Something tells me the establishment has known this for a very long time. Why would they want to legalize something that helps you to not die? They want to control us through money first and foremost, then kill us as fast as they possibly can. They want to bury any cures 100 miles deep into the earth and watch us suffer and die like a kid burning ants with a magnifying glass. Plus, both of my points about money and killing us could not be more clearly exemplified than by the nature of the corrupt healthcare (wealthcare for trillionaires) system.

    • Marten

      Well, national medicare generates far more revenue than would these proposed mass killings… A fact.
      Problem is it’s just not profitable to have really effective cures…
      As a side note the US GDP can actually be interpret as how ill people are :-(

      • dale

        Big Pharme wants us to be on their drugs for as long as possible; if we are cured, they lose a customer, but equally, if we die, they lose a customer.

        The idea customer is someone who is sick, not cured, and lives a long long life consuming drugs and other medical services.

    • dale

      Actually, anyone in business want more customers, not fewer. However, the drug industry would rather have you on a lifelong regimen of pills, etc than see you cured purely for profit motives.

      “They want to control us…” is way to broad and vague to have any meaning. Morticians want us to die, but Apple wants us to live a long life and buy many overpriced products. If the motive is money, then the best customer is one who lives a long time—this goes for drugs and medical treatment.

      There is no profit in dead men.

      • you are wrong dead men is very profitable, especially for insurance companies.

        • dale

          You apparently did not notice that I allowed that some industries (I mentioned morticians) do profit from our death but I think that most industries that sell commodities and services want us to continue as customers, including doctors and drug companies.

          Insurance companies want us to die only if we have an expensive disease they are required to pay for; otherwise, they want to keep us as customers.

          The number of industries that want us to live and buy their products is much larger than those that profit from our (early) death.

          Those who sell food, cars, houses, appliances, drugs, clothes, travel etc do not want to lose customers.
          In most cases, even insurance wants us to continue buying policies (unless, as stated, we have an expensive disease they are obligated to pay for).

          The point is: for profit capitalism must have continual growth and this requires more customers, not fewer.

          • Danan Grace

            Where your wrong is that they do need people “alive” to buy products but everyone is not rich or has money to spend, so they only want those who spend and have money to buy goods and that’s doesn’t include everyone on earth. So they want the rest of us to die, whether slowly or quick. They think we are grossly overpopulated and only want about 500,000,000 people on earth.

          • dale

            When people make outrageous comments–such as you suggesting that “they” want to get rid of 7 billion people,
            one wonders who THEY are?

            30 years ago, very few in China had any money to buy anything,but today, the chinese have tons of money and are buying tvs, cars, foreign real estate, and other commodities like crazy.

            Your assumption is that billions (apparently 90% of the world) will NEVER have any money to buy anything………but that is not a given. Just as people in India, China, and Brazil (that is about 40% of the world’s population) have increasing incomes, so it is possible for economic change to bring billions out of poverty.

            Corporations need more and more customers, with more and more money. It would be absurd for them (if they are the they you speak of) to work to decrease their consumer base.

            Here is an example: 30 years ago, almost no Chinese had modern conveniences as in the West, but today China has 1.2 billion mobile phones and 250 million cars.a touch more than are registered in the US.

            In many cases, corporations depend on government to subsidize drug and other services to the poor, so there is still a market.

            If the world population decreased 90%…………..wait, long before that happened, there would be a deep worldwide depression (due to lack of spending) with consequent wars and riots, etc.

            It makes no sense to assert that some vague THEY is working to kill 7 billion people when in fact businesses need more and more demand and more and more workers to meet it. Without growth, capitalistic economic systems collapse. Why would THEY pursue a path which is non only morally unthinkable but contrary to their own economic interests?

            This conspiracy theory is based on a flawed understanding of economics, and it is used to mask the real problem: increasing equality and equity to bring the very poor out of their misery, which would do more for corporate profits than killing potential customers.

  13. Jill

    This potential was known for a while from animal studies, not from human studies. For example

    • straybulletx

      “.gov”… that raises giant flags right there.

      • dale

        The research stands or falls on its own. Peer-reviewed scientific research is the gold standard.
        Private research is much more likely to reflect the economic interests of the sponsor.

        Academic research is done by people with a secure livelihood and therefore mitigates the temptations to blow a good deal by publishing fake research, which young academics will tear into to make their careers.

        Skepticism is part of scientific method, but it should not be assumed that any research is good or bad based on its sponsor. For instance, the research report you alert us to is not government research but a report on cancer research with 39 sources. Skepticism is a tool, not a blinder.

      • dale

        The gov that invented the internet, gps, space flight, satellite technology, and does the basic research that drug companies use to develop new drugs for the market? The govt that educated you, keeps you safe, protects your home from burning down, inspects your food?

        Or do you mean some fictional gov that dominates the imlagination of those who do not realize that we have a right to government, democratic and citizen ruled. That we do not have such a government does not mean that all government is evil or unworkable.

        The problem is OUR government has been stolen by the rich and powerful. As John Jay said 190 years ago: “The country should be run by the people who own it.” And that is what we have: plutocracy, oligarchy, the fascist merging of the state and the corporations.

        The solution is not to get rid of government, or claim it can do no good (while enjoying its benefits) but to take it back from the thieves, return the power of government to the people. That will require that we complete the democratic revolution which was started with the Declaration of independence, based on the twin foundation of equality and consent of the governed (ie democracy), but was thwarted by the Constitution, which was a counter revolution. The first elections permitted only 1% to vote or hold toffice (rich white males)…..goodbye equality, consent of the governed, and democracy

        Today, we have the facade of democracy but actual policy is dictated by an oligarchy of wealthy individuals and corporations. Rotten government is an insult to democratic government, not proof that anything associated with government is invalid.

        And if you don’t like socialism, get off the damned road!

  14. Jerry

    Bless it I think that it can’t hurt kemp therapy don’t seem to help much in all cases but ingesting weed in bAked forms gas to be good cannibiods gave always been proven to help with many types of cancers I fully support new research .

  15. Ann

    I need to get some of this stuff for my mum, she has a grade 4 glioblastoma braiN tumour and has only been given 12 if we are lucky. Mum has just spent three weeks in Hanover Germany for alternative treatment, I think she needs this treatment but where can I get it

  16. We need to expand our view of the world. We’re got in the conventional way of thinking and we cannot see beyond the mind. If you are a truth seeker, google truth contest and read the Present. You need an open mind to see the world anew.

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