110 Year Old Holocaust Survivor Shares Something Everybody Should Hear

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Alice Herz-Sommer, who recently turned 110 years old, is known for her powerful wisdom. She is the oldest living survivor of the Holocaust. If more people looked at life through the same eyes as she does, the world would be a better place.

There are a number of lessons we can learn from listening to our elders, especially Alice, both on an individual level and on a collective level, as one human race.

The first point that she makes is based on optimism, for one to have hope and to always look on the bright side. This is a great reminder, especially with what we are experiencing on the planet right now. Humanity is waking up, we are starting to question the world around us and what is really happening here. As a result, many people can experience a sense of dread, depression and hopelessness because they are waking up to the fact that the world isn’t the way they’ve been told it is. There is a lot happening on our planet that does not resonate with the soul, a lot that can cause your heart to break. If this is something you feel, you are not alone.

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious” Carl Jung

It’s important for us to view our experience here on Earth as just that, an experience. If what you see on the planet is hurting you, you can do something about it. The answer is not to turn a blind eye, or judge what you are looking at. Just as Alice says:

“I know about the bad things, but I look at the good things.”

You can look at it as an opportunity, as a chance to play your part in changing it. The world is indeed waking up, it is changing, we are right in the midst of a great transition. Change IS happening, and there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic. The human race has really come a long way and has grown a tremendous amount within the past few years. Working directly within this movement, I am astonished at just how much progress we’ve made, but there is still plenty of work to be done. I also believe that if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. I think the quote above is also very relevant to the fact that whilst we look at the ‘good’ things, we can still be aware of the ‘bad’ things, the things that happen on Earth that our souls no longer resonate with, the things we want to change. You cannot change something without becoming aware of it first. This applies to our world today with regards to GMOs, pesticides, animal cruelty, 9/11, exposing the military industrial complex and more. We are yearning to break free from this illusion and step into the world of truth.

“We should be thankful that we are living, there is beauty everywhere.”

Although we may not realize it, many of us spend a lot of time complaining about things. We’ve forgotten the vibration of gratitude, to be thankful for the fact that we are alive, that we get to experience the human experience. Looking at life through the eyes of gratitude can really help you see life through a different perspective. I know sometimes it’s hard not to judge our own lives and our own personal situations, and that we constantly feel we are lacking something in our lives. Looking to the external world to fill the void usually doesn’t help, but taking a moment to vibe in the feeling of gratitude can take those feelings away. Although there are many things we’d like to change about our planet, there are just as many beautiful aspects of our planet that we don’t notice. There really is beauty all around us, it just depends on whether or not you choose to take the time to see it.

Alice experiences more joy in a day than most human beings do in a lifetime. She is living proof of what the human spirit can accomplish and overcome. True joy doesn’t come from the external material world, it comes from within, and how you choose to look at the world around you. The human race does not yet know what it’s capable of, it is just starting to recognize its  infinite potential to create a human experience where everybody on the planet can thrive.


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  1. Linda

    Thanks you for this wonderful reminder that shifting one’s perception is necessary to reach the joy.

  2. Very well written Arjun. This speaks my mind. The journey through the universe starts from within our mind. Please upload a new link to the video. It cuts of after 5:45.

  3. Villal Durinosh

    As the 110 year-young girl, should we be happy that we are still alive? Sounds like a NWO propaganda. be happy that you are being sprayed with chemtrails and not with toxic gas (for depopulation), which they are probably training to do in the future.

    • - Collective Evolution

      It’s important to be aware of those things, it’s mentioned in the article :)

  4. Jerry

    Excellent. Thank you. The video crashes at 5:45. Here is the full version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LManGeoEbDk


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