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massagerYesterday morning I rolled over onto my massage cushion –next to me on my bed where a girlfriend might otherwise be –picked up the remote control, turned it on, and… nothing. Annoyed, I had to get out of bed, figuring that the power plug or jack had become loose, and then I checked them all, tightened them, saw the lights flash for an instant, and again… nothing. Accepting my fate I went through my day and eventually priced replacement cushions on Amazon and eBay  but did not order one.  Then early this morning it hit me – I got out of bed and took the power plug from an old answering machine and attached it to the massager – bingo!

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But then, when I had my massage, something wasn’t quite right, and I compared the two plugs, the dead one and the new one, and I discovered that one was 9 volts, and the other put out 12 volts. Despite the fact that I could not tell you the difference between a volt, an amp or an ohm (all units of electricity), I realized that the relationship between the values made for a weaker massage.

I went through my closet and found another 12 volt power brick. I hesitated for a moment because I remembered when I had haphazardly used the wrong power supply for an old Sony laptop, I blew out the motherboard. The reason it had turned out  that way was another factor called “polarity” –the way the plug was oriented (positive or negative) had determined that my Sony would die instead of live. I had no idea what polarity my massager was… But this massager was practically dead anyway.  So what did I have to lose?

applesorangesI connected this power adapter and wow, finally I had received the full power massage that I was looking for. And then it hit me —I had successfully done the electronic equivalent of a heart transplant on my massager.

When I had killed my Sony (which by the way their warranty unit had later resuscitated) it had “rejected” my replacement power adapter and died. This one had the “right” polarity and lived.  It also had the “right” amount of volts, and, presumably amps and ohms, whatever they are.

We as a collective seem to have gotten used to this level of precision in our electronics.  Some of us even understand that if we try to open a PDF file with the wrong program – it won’t work. But what so few of us yet comprehend is that Nature works the same way. First, we might simply consider the neurological fact that our brains put out electricity—that is the energy that “fires” between neurons that apparently manifests our thoughts.

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But as I have previously written about DNA, geneticist Juan Enriquez, in his TED talk, explained that an apple is “literally” an “application” (not “like a computer program but operating as an application like Word) which gets input (energy) from the sun which when sufficient it executes its DNA code and falls from the tree.

dna codeThe word “literally” is used correctly here because the meaning and expression of DNA code is all about its syntax –if the DNA code is altered even slightly it won’t “execute” correctly – the new heart will be rejected – the power plug will not work. Or if its changed correctly into something else, an extinct species can be revived—as Enriquez tells us in the video.

But again it is not just about the exquisite complexity of Nature revealed by DNA code, and mimicked in our own electronics to such a rudimentary level –it is about its PRECISION and SCALE.

An apple, Enriquez asserts, is an application.  When it receives sufficient energy from the sun it “executes” its code – and falls from the tree.  This brings up the obvious question – if DNA is software – who is the programmer?

As Jon Kabat-Zinn said in his session on meditation at Wisdom 2.0 the degree of intelligence that controls just our liver, with its precise control of thousands of chemicals to perform just the right reactions (and execute the right code) is orders of magnitude more subtle than anything devised by humans. And yet that information has been encoded in the nucleus of our cells for millions of years – before humans ever evolved.  It’s there in the most primitive virus. And if that code executes one way, you have an apple—otherwise, it’s an orange—and if it is corrupted, the organism ceases to function and the form dies. But the energy animating the form continues—creating and activating other forms.

It is apparently only in humans, that we know of, that this energy deigns to create a virtual “who” within our consciousness that takes credit for some of this activity.  The reality is, as Bernardo Kastrup and other scientists have described so brilliantly, that the entire concept of a personal “who” is part of our own limited human comprehension.

There was certainly an individual “who” that it seems is responsible for creating my massager –and he/she “owns” the patent. But “who” is it that created our liver –or more significantly –the SYSTEM within which the DNA intelligence in our bodies can enable the liver to remove toxins and support our own existence for the duration of “our lives?”

The fact that we name this “who” or “what” God is as important as whether we call the energy in my power plug a “volt” or an “amp.”  The word only has sufficient value as to allow us to manipulate a tiny portion of an infinitely vast intelligence of which we are a miniscule fragment—or, if we consider the true “nature” of our consciousness—“we” are actually “it.”

After all, what do we “know” of this vast Nature other than what we seem to “understand” through our consciousness? The reality of its precision is perhaps the first pointer for some of us to the reality that our understanding must also include “us” – and we experience consciousness. And the precision and vastness or what we “see” through consciousness may make us seem insignificant, until we realize that we embody the same animating energy—as Eckhart Tolle says,

“we don’t have a Life, we ARE Life.”

When we truly take that in, our entire perspective on science, and our “selves,” forever changes. Science no longer “explains” anything—it is merely closes the “user manual” to an infinite combination of flowing energy that has always existed—because the notion of “before” and “after,” just like the notion of “me” and “them,” are just words inadequate to allow us to completely understand (or “grok”) the reality of our true nature.

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