Scientists Quantify & Graphically Chart Alignment Of Human Chakras In Various Emotional States

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chakraElectrophotonic analysis in medicine is something that’s been gaining more attention from scientists and researchers from all over the world. It’s another case -of many -that demonstrates how humanity is continually moving toward a scientific understanding of what is considered Ancient Eastern Mysticism.

In the mid-nineties, Konstantin Korotkov, Professor of Computer Science and Biophysics at Saint-Petersburg Federal University of Informational Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, developed a scientific device based on the ancient Chinese system of energy meridians. It’s for measuring the bio-energy of living organisms, as well as the environment. The device provides a painless evaluation that can highlight potential health (physiological and psycho-emotional) abnormalities, it’s called the GDV. (1)

It does this by using a completely painless electrical current applied to the fingertips, which takes less than one millisecond. How the body responds is measured in the form of an “electron cloud” that’s composed of light energy photons. The glow of this discharge is invisible to the human eye, (humans can only see one percent of the entire electromagnetic spectrum) and is captured by an optical CCD camera system and then translated into a digital computer. For more information on this device, please examine references  (2),(1) and (3).

In the GDV software programs, the glow from the different sectors of the finger images is projected onto the shape of a human body in correspondence with the location of the different organs and systems. As a result, energy field images are produced that allow for intuitive analysis of the physiological level of human body functioning.

It has been approved and received registration as a routine medical diagnostic device by the Russian Ministry of Health upon recommendation of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

According to eastern metaphysical theories of Ayurvedic  Indian medicine, there are seven “Chakras” or integrated energy centers that are considered to be correlated with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. These energy Chakras are positioned or embedded into the spinal column at various locations beginning with the coccyx, rising all the way to the crown of the head.

“Each Chakra is considered to resonate at a different frequency level. With new BioWell software, it is now possible to quantitatively estimate the energy of Chakras and graphically display their level of activation, and indicate whether this level of activation is above or below the level found from large numbers of subjects.” Dr. Pradeep B. Deshpande (1)

Below are the results from a case study done by Dr. Pradeep B. Deshpande, a professor emeritus at the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Louisville, which had over 100 participants in attendance.  Please keep in mind that clinical studies of more than 10,000 patient cases with various health challenges have also been well documented in Russia. (1)

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 1.34.33 PM

The aligned Chakras indicate that the subject was calm, relaxed and nourished from their participation in the case study, which involved information on meditation, breathing practices, love, kindness and intention. You can also observe a smoothing of the energy field before and after the case study work shop. Results like this were consistent with a number of volunteers.

“Each individual sector or portion of the fingertip is connected energetically with specific organs and organ systems such as the respiratory system. When the data of the 10 individual BIO-grams are collated and interpolated, an image of the entire full body energy field is created. An example of the full body energy field from both a healthy and unhealthy/emotionally unbalanced individual are shown below. The gaps, reduced emissions and out of balance Chakras for the unhealthy individual are quite obvious.” Dr. Pradeep B. Deshpande (1)

In this case, a healthy and balanced emotional state is correlated with truthfulness, honesty, steadfastness, equanimity, unconditional love, compassion, gratitude, the ability to discern truth from falsehood, spontaneous affection, and the capacity to remain calm despite what’s occurring in the external world. An unhealthy and emotionally unbalanced state is correlated with attachment, ego, greed, lying, fear, anger, irritation, sorrow and more.

This is another example of how consciousness is directly correlated with our physical material world, with regards to health and much more. Click here to view 10 other scientific studies that prove consciousness can alter our physical material world.

I find it intriguing how our world deems the realm of science as absolute truth, yet phenomenon deemed to be 100 percent truth seems to need scientific validation behind it. Although I disagree with this notion, the scientific studies now emerging that prove these intuitive ‘knowings,’ still hold great importance, and can help open the minds of those who look for this type of validation.  As we move forward, no doubt we will be moving into an ancient understanding with a modern day scientific twist. Ancient wisdom is returning to humanity, and we must be able to clearly see how acting from a place of peace is vital to transforming our external world.


(1) Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research | November 2013 | Vol. 4 | Issue 9 | pp. 977-987 Deshpande, P. B., Madappa, K. P., & Korotkov, K., Can the Excellence of the Internal Be Measured? – A Preliminary Study

(2) Jakovleva E, Korotkov K., Electrophotonic Analysis in Medicine. GDV Bioelectrography research. 2013. 160 p.

(3) Pehek J. O., Kyler, H. J., and Foust, D.L., Image Modulation in Corona Discharge Photography, Science, Vol. 194, 263-270, October 1976.

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  1. I loved the entire article until the last sentence. :p

    Fighting any type of system we want to change is useless,— I don’t like this at all,

    —but mostly this part struck a nerve. >>> it’s time to ignore the old and create the new.

    Ignoring anything just makes it worse, because it is never dealt with. There is no closure. There are ways to be with and very aware of something/someone and be at peace with it. The core of yoga is “unity” to yolk together. What I see as the as the purpose as yoga/meditation/loving compassion is to be with all that is good and all that is bad and not be attached to either. Just be. But inaction is unacceptable, in the words of the great American President, John F. Kennedy, “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.”

    Otherwise, great article! :)

    • manifestingutopia

      When you are “fighting against” anything you are actually feeding it (making it more of a reality by giving it your thoughts and energy)… so perhaps instead of focussing on what you don’t want, stand for something that you DO want to create in this world.

    • hadukenjeckt

      I liked your comment up until the second to last sentence. Who is John F. Kennedy to determine who the hottest places in hell are reserved for.

      Otherwise, great comment! :)

      • hahaha touche` – – – – I’m not sure if he is qualified to make such a call but I entirely agree with him. 😉

  2. Murathan

    So 70’s ! You know, these things like chakras and UFO’s comes in waves of 10-15 years for new generations and nothing has changed in 40 years in their content.

    • THOTH

      It’s funny when people call this “new age” thinking or ideas when it’s been around for thousands of years. Or when people call cannabis “alternative medicine” when it’s been around for thousands of years. Just a few imbecilic things I hear tossed around by really cool people.

    • Reply
    • Chakras have been a prominent feature of how humans explain and interpret their experience for millennia.

  3. Could someone please explain how mapping out the body’s bio-electrical system and then noticing differences in electrical responses around vital organs, by any stretch of the imagination, “proves” an hypothesis about a metaphysical system of interconnected wheels of life force energy?
    How do you define chakra, is it a metaphysical system or is it not?
    The energy that flows through that system, is that electricity or is it “subtle energy”?
    If it’s subtle energy, then how might it induce changes in electricity, which is what the study is measuring?
    These things are important. If you don’t define what you’re writing about, you’re either bad at communicating or you’re writing “feel-good” nonsense. Well hey guess what, feel-good nonsense doesn’t get us very far, and it’s certainly not what’s required for “collective evolution.”
    We have a brain for a reason, please use it to think about what you’re writing about.

    • - Collective Evolution

      You can contact the professor if you’d like more clarity. Did you take a look at the citing study? That might answer more questions you may have. But you bring up some great questions :)

  4. IJT

    An electron cloud composed of photons? Yeah…that’s not a thing

    • Intendo

      Actually the blogger misinterpreted the author’s words.

      “The body’s response to this stimulus is the formation of a variation of an “electron
      cloud” composed of light energy photons.”

      Key word is variation, which the author left out.

  5. gizares

    Try sleeping with close both of your hand until tomorrow morning.
    Close it as if we want to punch a sand sack but do it slowly.
    At the moment you lay on bed on close them, you’ll feel there is energy goes out around your hand and it accumulate in your hand. Is that what we called chakra?

  6. I’m glad you mentioned this: “I find it intriguing how our world deems the realm of science as absolute truth” – science doesn’t make something true or real. It only uncovers truths. We needn’t wait for science to validate what our experience or intuition tells us is true. While I agree that fighting a system is useless, the system needs to be exposed or we will continue to operate within it.

  7. Dekades ago Kirlian photography was hot. Debunked. Is this a new round in a different disguise?

    • Kirlian debunked? I still have a poster I bought 30 years ago about capturing the human aura. Science still needs to catch up to spirit.

      • Sreeharsha

        Hello Robin Leach can you please share the poster with me, it will be of great help.

    • As we have more Research done in the realm of Atomic Physics and Physiology, what was once a theory has become Reality. We have methods now to measure, that we did not have years or decades ago. The Big problem is the indoctrination by Big Pharma that many of you are a part of today without even knowing it. The Energetics of the Body has been a theme in Eastern Traditions, we however once again have been raped by Big Pharma into not believing. Disruptive to Allopathic Medicine, are discoveries we have NOW that can change Humanity, but Humans once again can not believe in the discoveries because of limited thinking. We now know through Double Blind Placebo Cross over testing, the GOLD Standard in Medicine, with also Nobel Prize winners for Physiology, that cell to cell communication with Redox Molecules can and IS healing Humans worldwide. But that is challenging to believe, even though, it is real, factual and above all being done. I urge you to not make comments unless you can back with fact. We are discovering many things in the Health of Humans. Educate yourselves, Listen to what is factual and ask your questions. This could either save your life, help your loved ones or save someone elses existence. Physician, comes with a heavy price…to teach with truth, fact and purpose void of ego. I have always been this Physician and always will. Sad to me is the Physician who only gives Drugs, lacks Empathy, displays Ego and last will even slowly distroy his/herself and their family. Redox Medicine is here, in 25 countries and healing Humanity. And the Big deal for me is this company refused the Billions of $$ Big Pharma wanted to give for this Independently Researched Patented technique.
      Read and listent to all you can especially what Dr Neiman has to say.

  8. and test it yourself

  9. how often do you meditate?

  10. Mike

    Wasn’t this all debunked when environmental factors were taken in effect? Kirlian photography is useless in a vacuum iirc.


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