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Diamond expert Graham Pearson of the University of Alberta has recently published his findings in the journal Nature which claims that an ocean the size of all of Earth’s oceans combined, or more, exists in the “Transition Zone”  thousands of kilometers beneath the Earth.

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Pearson found a rare gemstone called Ringwoodite which provides evidence that oceans exist beneath the Earth. Test results showed that 1.5% of the Ringwoodite’s weight was made up of trapped water. This suggests that the gem most likely came up with a volcanic eruption which quickly pushed it up to the surface.

“It was a piece of luck, this discovery, as are many scientific discoveries,” Pearson said.

Earth’s oceans are about 10-11KM deep at their deepest points but this piece of Ringwoodite was found in an area 410 to 660KM beneath the Earth’s surface called the ‘Transition Zone.’ Ringwoodite is created when olivine is highly pressurized and is most commonly found within the Earth’s mantle. Ringwoodite is typically found in meteorites and until this recent discovery has not been found in samples of the Earth’s mantle.

According to an analysis performed by Hans Keppler of the University of Bayreuth in Germany after Pearson shared the results, the finding “confirms predictions from high-pressure laboratory experiments that a water reservoir comparable in size to all the oceans combined is hidden deep in Earth’s mantle,”  Pearson believes that there is a great amount of water deep beneath the Earth’s surface.

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Image credit : University of Alberta

Image credit : University of Alberta

So how did the water end up within the Ringwoodite? Pearson offers two possible explanations.

“In one, water within the ringwoodite reflects inheritance from a hydrous, diamond-forming fluid, from which the inclusion grew as a syngenetic phase. In this model, the hydrous fluid must originate locally, from the transition zone, because there is no evidence that the lower mantle contains a significant amount of water,” he wrote. This would mean that the extreme pressure and chemical nature of such depths would create water spontaneously.

“Alternatively, the ringwoodite is ‘protogenetic,’ that is, it was present before encapsulation by the diamond and its water content reflects that of the ambient transition zone,” Pearson wrote. In this explanation, the ringwoodite and water would already be present but the ringwoodite would be absorbing water into its own structure.

The fascinating part? No matter how you look at it, there seems to be a great deal of water in the transition zone. According to Pearson “both models implicate a transition zone that is at least locally water-rich.”

Related Theories?

hollow_earthIf you have heard of Agartha, you may have been reading this article and thinking “I wonder how this relates to the theory that the inner earth is hollow.” While this theory might come as a surprise to some of us, it isn’t something that has been disproven, our current understanding of our inner core is changing every few years just as we are seeing with this recent discovery.

The Hollow Earth theory has been around since ancient cultures existed on Earth’s surface. They spoke of journey’s to the center of the Earth and how civilizations existed in the earth. It is said that in an area of Tibet, there is an entrance to the center of the Earth and it is hidden and guarded by monks. While this is speculation at this point, one cannot deny the common theme of the Hollow Earth in our cultures nor can it be disproven yet. The Nazi’s even believed in the Hollow Earth theory and to them it was so obvious that the truth was unquestionable. World-renowned astronomer and mathematician Edmund Halley believed the Earth was hollow and provided a fascinating theory to go along with it.

This all begs the question, if these cultures all speak of it and we now know there is water in deep areas of the Earth, is it possible that the Earth could be hollow and civilizations may have at one time or still today exist there?

Simply, the Hollow Earth theory states that gravity is coming from the crust of the earth instead of the core since the majority of the mass would exist within the crust. For a more in-depth look at the science behind the hollow earth theory you can check out this article.

One of the most fascinating accounts of Hollow Earth experiences comes from the historic figure Admiral Byrd who wrote in his diary about this visit to the Hollow Earth. He also wrote of his 1947 arctic expedition to the poles where he once flew in but this information has been suppressed and withheld from history books. Perhaps it is something the elite of the world don’t want people to know? whatever the case may be, I believe that in time, more discoveries like this will give us answers to the theories about what is beneath the surface of the Earth.


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