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Earlier this year I wrote an article centered around a series of powerful videos put together by Wacoal Thailand -the Thai division of the intimate apparel company Wacoal. Each based on the true story of an empowered and inspiring woman/ mother, all three of those videos were both captivating and touching to watch. Along the same lines is another video that I have just come across, except this particular story focuses on the incredible love and beyond the surface dedicated efforts of a father. Directed by Daniel Yam, the short film ‘Gift’ is certainly worth watching. Check it out:

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It can be very easy to take things for granted in life, especially when on the surface they seem to be persistently there. One of the most common “things” that many of us often take for granted are our parents/ guardians. This tends to be particularly true throughout our teenage years when our circle of friends can often become our focus and any contact with a parental figure is commonly discarded as unimportant -and in some cases annoying. For some, this perspective can develop into the new norm, where an unnecessary distance is created between parent and child well into adulthood. For others, this perspective can lead to later feelings of regret when maturity sets in and a closer bond is once again established.

No matter the relationship that you are currently in as a child, parent or both, I truly believe that this video reminds us to appreciate one another. Even though the busyness of life can often be more than overwhelming, a lot of love can still exist amongst us all especially if we give it the return love and appreciation that it deserves.

This video also effectively reminds us to not judge a book by its cover. On the surface, the father figure in this video can easily be perceived as any of: lazy, hard-nosed or unloving. Meanwhile as we -and his son -later discover, he in fact is the polar opposite and has instead dedicated his life to helping others. A dedication that was lived until the day he died.

I personally suggest that we all use this video as a reminder to give thanks and love to everyone significant in our lives. The more we give, the more likely we are to not only further develop a loving closeness, but also potentially uncover a side to one another that we had not previously known.

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