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Within so many things that we regularly use in this world we have gotten used to seeing a number of options. Options that are usually divided based on quality, enhancements and/ or additional features. When booking a flight the standard is to book coach, but more luxurious options such as business and first class are made available to those who can afford to pay the premium to access it.

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When filling our cars with gas, regular gasoline is the standard but again several higher grade fuel types -such as plus or super clean -are made available for those who can once again afford it. What if the same principle was soon to be applied to our internet access? The following video put together by Mark Fiore, and done in the style of a Dr. Suess cartoon, explains how our internet access has been a hot topic at several court rulings as of late and how this could affect us as citizens.

In addition to being incredibly creative and well-done, this video in my opinion does an excellent job at making us aware and also giving us something to think about when it comes to corporate interests. The two examples that I mentioned above (flights and gasoline) are just two of the many ways that we further segregate ourselves from a state of equality. There is definitely nothing wrong with the development of enhanced or more superior versions of existing products or technology, the issue I believe lies in how we act in response to these developments. Rather than looking at ways to incorporate these developments across the masses, we instead focus on ways to profit off of the development. Those who are then unable to afford the development are left with a less optimal option than readily available, and in many cases neglected or at the very least the recipient of non-preferential service in comparison to those with the newest enhancement.

The consistent development/ improvement of everything for everyone on a global scale is definitely a lofty aspiration and probably best classified as unrealistic, but I believe that still doesn’t justify unnecessary preferential treatment. Particularly when it comes to things such as the internet, which is at the core of so much of what we do. It’s important that we all have the best access possible for our geographic location. To suddenly have our current access limited, worsened or restricted for no reason other than to make it only available to those capable of paying a premium, makes little to no sense.

Let’s do what we can to spread some awareness in regards to the pending removal of net neutrality by sharing this article and video. Whether or not this tiered system comes into effect, I believe that the underlying tactic that this video exposes is valuable enough to all become fully aware of.

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