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To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, this seems to be the question on many people’s minds these days as more and more information on both sides of the argument come into the public arena.

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On one side, many are claiming that the risks vaccines protect against far outweigh the dangers associated with vaccines. To some, we may not realize the fact that yes, there are a number of serious dangers associated with vaccines. While we don’t know the full extent of these dangers, those raising awareness about vaccine dangers claim it’s something we need to be spending time and money to research as with the increase in vaccines, there has also been an increase in infant neurological issues that some claim are associated with vaccines.

Interestingly, as it comes down to personal experience, it is certainly possible that some of us have had issues because we chose not to vaccinate and that some of us have had issues because we chose to vaccinate. There are a number of people who are okay from not vaccinating and a number of people who are okay from vaccinating. So is this story black and white? I don’t believe it is, but what I do believe in is encouraging people to know and choose for themselves based on the information that is out there, not simply what their doctor or government tells them to do.

As is, vaccinations are here and pushed because there is a belief that they work and because there is A LOT of profit to be made. In my view we have one of two choices, we recognize the dangers and we continue to study and adjust vaccines to become safe or maybe outlaw certain ones all together. Or, we continue blindly doing and miss out on the damage we may be causing simply because we don’t want to admit we may have been wrong.

To Vaccinate Or Not To Vaccinate

I myself was vaccinated when I was young. I’d be hard pressed to say that I was damaged by vaccines, but do I know what it would be like in my own body if I wasn’t? No. I have friends and have spoken to a number of people through my work who have not been vaccinated and they are totally fine nor did they get serious diseases when they were young. But this is just my experience. What about the others out there?

Not too long ago a woman by the name of Amy Parker shared her story of growing up unvaccinated and included all of the challenges that went with her childhood due to illness. She then goes on to talk about how she vaccinated her own children and they grew up healthy. This story was a viral article that became a big piece for pro-vaccinators to use in arguments against non-vaccinators. Read Her Story

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In what was a follow-up article, a woman by the name of Maegan Soria wrote about her experience growing up vaccinated and all of the conditions and illnesses she went through due to vaccine damages. Her story ends with her choice not to vaccinate her own children who ended up growing up perfectly healthy. Like Amy’s story, this article was also something non-vaccinators would use against pro-vaccinators. Read Her Story

Hopefully you took the time to read both stories as they are both important to understand. Both examples show us that each one of us can have different experiences and reactions to vaccines. This leads us to what I think is the most important thing for us to acknowledge: The vaccine story cannot be black and white and we must take the time to acknowledge the serious dangers and effects that can come along with vaccines. People react differently to vaccines and yes, many are fine just as many are seriously hurt. We need to acknowledge this.

Not too long ago, Penn and Teller put out a video reviewing vaccine dangers. The video took the typical approach of mainstream medicine which essentially attempts to make any person who questions vaccines feel stupid for ever thinking vaccines aren’t safe. They go on to mention that even if 1 in every 100 children does get injured, who cares. Given this was obviously paid for by some institution involved with vaccinations, its important to note that this is their stance on vaccines: we don’t care if we hurt children here and there and you are an idiot for questioning us. While this sounds harsh, it’s the truth. This is an example of what we can no longer do. We must acknowledge both sides to this story and do something to better vaccine safety.

Further Research

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What’s The Next Move?

So who are we to trust? What is the right step for humanity when it comes to the vaccine issue? Here are a few things to consider:

  • I think we need to seriously look at what is being done by our mainstream regarding vaccines and keep an emotionally level approach to asking questions.
  • Avoid becoming aggressive or judgmental towards those who vaccinate and tell you to vaccinate or those who don’t.
  • Do your best to keep the case as open and unbiased as possible.
  • No one is better or worse for questioning or not questioning vaccines.
  • If you are uncomfortable with what you’re hearing about the pros and cons of vaccination, do some of your own research and check into various sources.
  • Don’t let people on either side of the argument push you around and bully you on the subject. Like what happened to me, fear was used by a medical professional in an attempt to get me to blindly vaccinate when I questioned a single vaccine.
  • Remember that we are all in this together. It’s not about choosing sides but simply about supplying the information that’s available and not choosing to fight for one side or another. Let the information be self-explanatory.
  • More research comes out all the time regarding this issue. As we continue to learn more, alternative media outlets will cover it. So be sure to check back to learn more as things are updated.


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