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The very talented team at Big Lazy Robot VFX has been behind the visual effects used in a number of commercials that we all have recently seen, for companies such as Absolut, Audi and Phillips. As a side project the team recently released a comical short film that that once again showcases their VFX skills as well as sheds a little light on the repetitive cycle that we seem to love to buy into. Even though in the description included with the video on YouTube, the team states “Don’t take the message too seriously,” there definitely still is an underlying message that is worth checking out.

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As an owner of an Iphone myself for well over 5 years now, I couldn’t help but laugh at several points throughout the video. Even though I’ve never been one to line-up and get my hands on the newest model (still the proud owner of a very old 4) I can definitely relate to the out of nowhere troubles that older models eventually seem to fall upon. Troubles that always manage to be in line with the release of their newest model -and in many cases are caused by accepting a suggested update.

Apple certainly isn’t the only company to potentially employ such an experience for its users. In many things in life we’ve gotten used to there consistently being developments, that as wonderful as they are, are almost always only available at a premium and usually result in a general neglect for older models. (I briefly wrote about this in another article, which you can check out by clicking HERE)

Another part that really stood out in this video was how effectively the robots showed how connected, yet disconnected technology can make us as a human race. Yes, devices such as the Iphone allow us to connect to people all over the world faster than ever before, but they also have a tendency to disconnect us from the people that are right in front of us. As much as several of the robots were interacting with one another through their device, they never took the time to put down the phone and realize that they were all in the same room to begin with. Whether this part of the video was intentional or not, we can all use this as a reminder to ensure that we keep a fair balance in our lives. Nobody is suggesting that we completely dispose of technology or social media, I know that I certainly won’t, but instead to ensure that we don’t let it trick us into feeling that it is the only form of connection we need. (Find out how Facebook and other social media sites could actually be making us more lonely by clicking HERE)

The final point worth considering is the importance of making informed decisions. Even though the technological issues experienced by the robots were shown in a very “Big Brotheresque” unavoidable doom, the truth is with some simple awareness a lot of potential complications can be avoided. Unlike my previous Iphone 3, I’ve managed to prolong the life of my 4 by fully looking into any and all updates before I choose to install or skip them. It’s amazing how much information you can quickly gather from public forums to see whether the update created any issues for those who decided to jump the gun on the install. The more informed you are, the more likely you are to take better care of your phone, extending its life and avoiding the need for you to become another “robot” in line for the newest model. This of course is assuming that you can avoid the lure of all of the heavily advertised new bells and whistles that it features… but that’s a whole other discussion.

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