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War already has and continues to claim too many lives. Putting an end to war globally would be the ideal reality that we are hopefully working towards, but this creative and simple device can help to save lives that war definitely never had the intention of claiming.

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Created by Massoud Hassani, the Mine Kafon costs only €40 to make and can help to save the lives of many.

Check it out:

Aside from being incredibly affordable to put together, this innovative device is an awesome example of the power of innovation. What initiated as a simple children’s toy quickly expanded into a life saving device that can provide a level of safety and security to people hoping to establish something on a previously war riddled piece of land.

The story of Massoud is also quite remarkable. Born and raised in Afghanistan until the age of 14, Massoud’s mother feared for the life of her child and sent him with a group of smugglers in hopes of attaining a better life. During his journey Massoud spent time in both Pakistan and Russia before settling in the Netherlands where he now works and has designed the Mine Kafon. Never leaving his upbringing behind him, Massoud has designed a device that he hopes will improve the lives of people in his hometown and other war-torn or war training affected nations.

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The Mine Kafon is just one example of the many creative innovations that are regularly brought into the public eye with the potential to impact the lives of many. Here are a couple of other examples that we recently wrote about: Urine Powered Generator, Cleanup Array, The LifeStraw.

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