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If I were asked to describe the majority of what is produced by pop culture and the media in one phrase I would have to say: cookie cutter. We go to the movies and are most often delivered one of maybe ten core stories, such as the main character being on the brink of death at the hands of their nemesis when just in the nick of time they are saved by another character they previously disputed with. We listen to music and find ourselves singing along to one of maybe ten overused lyrics, such as the perfect girl that he let get away and only realized that she was perfect once she was gone. I may be over-exaggerating a bit to get my point across, but I’m sure we can all agree that a lot of what we see and hear these days is pretty similar to what we saw and heard a couple of years ago. The only things that have changed are the titles and faces, which in most cases is enough to make it seem new.

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This creative commercial put together by Dissolve Footage, shows us that advertising is not an exception to the cookie cutter craze, and instead it may just be the best example of it. The commercial is composed completely of stock clips that Dissolve Footage offers on their website and is narrated by Dallas McClain. Check it out:

Perfectly led by the insightful yet monotone narration, this video, in my opinion, is awesome at showcasing the incredible amount of repetition found in modern advertising. A repetition so obvious that I’m sure with a quick logo slap at the end, a handful of companies could use this exact commercial footage to deliver an end product that we would happily watch.

The thing that is even more interesting, is that these companies can elicit a level of trust, progress, interconnectedness and so much more without the use of any original footage. I don’t make this statement as an attack against stock footage, which can definitely be a great tool, but instead as a reminder to all of us to think a little more critically when we watch advertisements. It’s important that we always fully look into a product or company before making them a part of our regular life.

Trust me, I enjoy watching movies and listening to music as much as anyone else, and a good portion of what I tend to enjoy can easily fall under the cookie cutter bracket. I just found this video to be a great reminder to also support outside of the box/ alternative media, and to think just as critically towards what is popular, as we would towards something new.

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