Former World Bank Senior Council Says A “Second Species” On Earth Controls Money & Religion

Former World Bank Senior Council, Karen Hudes has been making a lot of noise lately, and she recently said something she’s never said before. She said that a second species on Earth controls money and religion. Many people who have held positions to know things that the rest of us might not know have made some very shocking statements lately. For example, Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of National Defence recently said that there are at least “4 known alien species that have been visiting Earth for thousands of years.” You can read more about that here.

I am aware that just because somebody says something does not mean that it’s true, no matter what their background. At the same time, what she says corroborates with a lot of ancient historical facts, and modern day disclosures of other strange phenomenon, like UFOs, secret societies and more. For someone like this to gain credibility as a World Bank whistle-blower and then all of a sudden make a comment like this is quite shocking. Although, in her interview she did discredit the idea of extraterrestrials on the planet, which I definitely disagree with. There is an enormous amount of evidence out there to suggest we are not alone, and we have indeed been visited. For more information on that click here.

These countries are not monolithic, there are forces fighting the corruption and there are forces that have totally been co-opted, and the way they act is treasonous to the people in those countries. The group that’s behind the network of control are the Jesuits, and there are also some groups behind them. One of these groups are hominids, they’re not human beings. They are very smart, they are not creative, they are mathematical. They had a much stronger force in the earlier ice-age. They have elongated skulls, they may produce offspring in mating with female humans, but that offspring is not fertile. We live in a world of secret societies, and secrets, and the information that ought to be public is not public.”

The quote above if from the show below. She starts speaking about it approximately 21 minutes into the program.

Karen held her senior position at the World Bank for twelve years before deciding to blow the whistle on the World Bank and corruption within it. She studies law at Yale Law School and economics at the University of Amsterdam. She worked in the US Export Import Bank of the US from 1980-1985 and in the Legal Department of the World Bank from 1986-2007. She established the Non-Governmental Organization Committee of the International Law Section of the American Bar Association and the Committee on Multilateralism and the Accountability of International Organizations of the American Branch of the International Law Association.

These are shocking statements that come shortly after gaining attention for being a credible world bank whistleblower, stating that the world is in a “currency war,” that the Federal Reserve continues to print money like crazy, and if they keep going at the pace they are on, other countries will no longer accept this currency. She has been exposing criminal corruption that takes place at the highest levels of financial institutions. In 1999, she reported the corrupt take-over of the second largest bank in the Philippines. She’s exposed the collusion that takes place between financial institutions and various governments, and much much more.

This is a great clip of her telling us some important stuff. Before you brush off what she has to say, keep in mind that the reality of many strange phenomenon has a large amount of proof to back it up, or at least be open to the possibility.

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75 comments on “Former World Bank Senior Council Says A “Second Species” On Earth Controls Money & Religion

  1. yangchen

    Collective Evolution is suppose to work on the rising of energy collectively not put up these kind of bulls to play with mind…. There are different spices in the world, as many as you would want to believe, coz your mind becomes the master and it plays pretty damn good act! We are here to silence our mind and open our heart… Connect at Soul level and just BE…..

    • Hey Yangchen, You are correct, it is our passion to make an impact on collective energy and bring more peace to the world. One interesting thing we have found is that some of the very early steps for a lot of people in making changes and shifting energy within themselves and their lives is raising awareness about things and getting the mind out of stuck states. This is generally why we cover such topics at times. It helps to open the mind and transform our perceptions. :)

  2. Vincent

    I think there are aliens. I do not think aliens are controlling the money. I think the people who control the money use aliens as a scape goat and will use it in the near future to stage an attack on earth, uniting us in the new world order.

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  4. Sky

    Oh, I’ve been waiting for this information to come out!! Finally!! :)

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  6. Kevin

    its about time someone stands up and speaks about this topic. im not shocked at all, “the others” may have dummed down and brainwashed the masses but im not one of them. this is only the begining. please be open minded everyone

  7. I won”t call this new species “Aliens”. I will call them “Sub-Human” with no ethics,No morality,& no empathy for their fellow beings.

  8. Banker are dropping from buildings like dead fleas on a medicated dog.

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  10. mergon

    ABBS we dont see so much of you nowdays we see the blond replacement but she is so plastic hollywood, i cant watch her , ok you do get explosive sometimes but i can live with that you get the job done ,come back i need the news /stories as im used to with you presenting !

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  14. Carl Master

    This is why I love videos like this, she seems normal then BAM! Hits you with the crazy

    • frederickrhodes

      She was speaking in code so no one could accuse her of being an anti semite, but she was refering to the chosen people as the second race who are controlling money and religion through their sectret cabal of kabbalah witches placed in certain government,religious, and medical control possisions, as well as population control, religious and racial hygiene,and ethnic cleancing with different forms of their covenant law ritual of prepuce excisions on infants boys and girl. They have been programmed to believe they are better than everybodyelse and the heavenly godfather chose them to control all the humans and rule our planet.

      • Well that just isn’t true. Whether or not she was coding anti-Semitism with alien speech, I can assure you there’s no “Jewish conspiracy” going on, and your blind prejudice is only holding serving to make the world a less comfortable place for everyone.

        Please reconsider your hatred and witchmongering. It hurts people more than you seem to realize.

        • frederickrhodes

          You are missing the point. The term Anti Semetism means a person who wants all the Semetic races to become extinct, and is misused to censor/control people from exposing the truth. Witches/witchdoctors don’t like being exposed. False god worshipping is the root of all evil. Sometimes the truth hurts, but it is necessary to protect the innoscent.
          My Catholic mother was hurt emotionally/psychologically when I explained to her that she was fooled into practicing witchcraft and witchdoctor medicine on her seven infant sons, by allowing forced ritual infant prepuce excision/mutilation, which in turn caused delayed onset PTSD syndroms (Infant sexual trauma flashbacks with audio and visual halucinations)( which causes tin foil hat psychosis to block the voices coming into their heads) and reprodutive brain chemistry dysfunctions to us leading to two sexual dysfunction induced suicides and two schizoaffective disorders/psychosises. She was very mad at me for a few years, but with further exposure of this evil witchcraft, she and my father were both able to see how they were lied to, to make them go against the teachings of Jesus whom they put their faith in. My father begged my foregiveness for sexually mutilating me, but only after he relized his mistake. I cleaverly said to him,”Father I foregive you, for you knew not what you were doing.” My mother now understands why one of her 2 daughters would not go against Christ and commit the covenant ritual of infant prepuce mutilation. My sister had to protect her son from my mother, not allowing her to visit alone with her infant grandson, because that is when we are most vulnerable. Many people tell lies suggesting prepuce excision is for asthetics, health and hygiene when on boys(and sometimes girls), but prepuce excision is mutilation when on boys or girls. You can compair the functions of both sexes preuces, the the circwitches claim you cannot because they don’t want their witchcraft exposed.

          • Christtoff Schulz

            Wow Frederick thanks for your expose about circumcision. I do agree that any people who believe they are superior to their neighbours are potentially dangerous, just as many Germans, who believed they belonged to a superior race, were indeed dangerous, back during the days of the 3rd Reich.

        • DMW

          Even if it were so that aliens are running the world, (I highly doubt it) it is best that we simply assume it that of our own species. At least until we have real evidence. After all they could have “zapped” us by now. What is taking them so long? Even if we are wrong in our assumption, what it does to us to assume otherwise is to feel helpless. Certainly whomever is controlling the rules has much deviousness indeed and may try to make us think we’re being ruled by aliens.

        • Lori Hays

          Thank you Natalie!

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  21. You guys find any docs on the US tax Rev going to the UK ?

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  23. Thomas

    So we’re open to the possibility that aliens are here, but when we question the validity of someone creating a forged birth certificate we’re supposed to accept that as “crazy” ? USA is screwed.

    • rodle

      NO, both ideas are absurd! Your suggestion that the same people who are open to this idea also think that it’s crazy that a forged birth certificate was created is possibly correct for a few people, but their number would be miniscule.

      • Anyone with half a brain can find out for themselves if the certificate is genuine. They tell us that these “certificates” are processed into the stock markets, correct? Type up UNITED STATES at and you have a very nice day! John Boehner might an interim president for a new era?

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  25. mergon

    Rich people like to be in charge, their useless off spring are bought up to be in charge ,the results can be seen in Britain as they sell everything off the workers have fought for ,its the rich that are the reptiles on this planet !

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