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An awesome and inspiring move made by Lorde via her Twitter account has sent a message out to her 1.3 million fan following that “it’s OK to have flaws.”

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During a performance at Lollapalooza in Santiago, Chile, a couple of pictures were taken of her. As you can see below, one of those pictures was edited before being published and another was obtained without any editing. Lorde, feeling that there was no reason for her picture to be edited, decided to expose the pic as a Photoshop job and instead spread a message that many people in our world, including young people who admire many stars, truly need to hear and embrace.

Personally I think it’s both great and important that these celebrities that we thrust into the spotlight choose to spread truth and good messages to their fans.¬†The reality is, a lot needs to be said in our world today and unfortunately they are among the few who have the power to truly reach the masses. My challenge to anyone reading this is to embrace what Lorde has said rather than simply agree with it. Let it inspire you to take action in alignment with it. Knowing or agreeing with the message versus actually acting upon it are two very different things. Let’s begin being the change. Remember, who says they are even flaws to begin with? Do we only say they are flaws because we are used to seeing “perfection” in images around our pop culture? Wearing makeup isn’t art when all you are simply doing is making yourself look “perfect” and like everyone else.

Here are the images:


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