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What makes human beings so special? It’s the feeling inside we all get when we help or assist somebody else. Beyond our materialistic wants and external sources for a temporary moment of happiness, true joy and fulfillment comes from helping somebody else. It’s our ability to feel, love, understand, work together and cooperate. Something is activated within us when we help out another.

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So often it is our differences that are portrayed, exemplified and used to pit ourselves against one another. Very rarely do we notice the similarities that are present within all of us, even in those we choose to judge. All of us have an inner moral compass that’s able to direct us from right and wrong, and all human beings can agree on that. Our differences should be looked at as strengths, something each of us can bring to the table in strengthening the whole.

If we can learn to see each other as another facet of ourselves, our potential for change is limitless. We are one human race, it’s time to grow up and start acting that way.

The human experience right now encourages us to fend for ourselves. Our society is based on competition, not cooperation. We live our lives in fear of how we look, how we will survive and what our next move in life will be. We are constantly encouraged to think about ourselves, in a world where many believe it is necessary to do so in order to move our lives forward. We are constantly bombarded with false information of global events that shape our perception of the world instead of questioning what we see happening around us.

The truth is, it doesn’t have to be this way. If we come together and cooperate, we could very easily create a system that would provide for everybody on the planet. Our basic needs could be met. Imagine if we created a system where money didn’t come in the way of necessity? Only from this point would we begin to explore our true creativity, and unlock our full potential as a human race. It’s unimaginable to think about the things we would be doing if we had such an experience.

At some point, our civilization must grow up and move beyond what we have created to date. It’s time to move forward, it’s time to take off the training wheels and fly. For those who can visualize this type of experience for the human race, we must not forget the importance of patience. We are indeed on our way.

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Sometimes it’s hard to believe that our world is designed the way that it is. Our current way of life is not one that is built from the heart. I ask myself everyday how human beings could create something like this? Are we that heartless? Do we really feel so powerless to the point where we feel we cannot change it? Money should never, and does not have to come in the way of necessity, so ask yourself, why does it?

We can change it anytime we desire to do so. The video below depicts the key to that change, it all starts with you!

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