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One of the first lessons I remember being taught by my kindergarten teacher over twenty years ago was the importance of giving and sharing. The concept was simple enough to grasp and quickly became one of the core principles I still like to operate based upon to this day. This commercial for a wireless provider in Thailand, is an incredibly powerful reminder of the importance of sharing, and how a simple gesture can even ripple into a life saving gift.

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The storyline upon which this commercial is based may seem very farfetched, but the core message behind it, in my opinion, cannot be overlooked. Even though not every kind gesture we do will come around to pay dividends for us, it still helps to shift what I and many others refer to as the collective consciousness. I truly believe that every action that we take, no matter how little the seeming impact may be on the surface, has an impact on the overall consciousness of the planet. For example, me giving a homeless person a dollar that I had in my pocket, may do nothing more than help them afford a single warm meal. But the act of giving that dollar willingly and lovingly has a far greater impact on the consciousness of the planet, as it serves as an example and reminder that we are all one and do not need to be as isolated as so many of us choose to be.

Check it out:

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” – Mahatma Gandhi

We all know by now that we live on a planet blessed with more than enough resources to provide for us all, isn’t it time that we openly explored every avenue possible to ensure that we are all taken care of?

Let this commercial be a reminder of the importance in giving. The more we make it a part of our regular reality the more likely we are to help create a world founded on it, and who knows it may even sometimes come around to help you out too.

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Aside: This video isn’t the only inspirational piece to come out of Thailand as of late. I recently wrote another article that featured three other powerful short films worth checking out. You can see them by clicking HERE.

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