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There is no system which is incorruptible…

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Any government – democratic, communist, monarchy or dictatorship, has a distribution of power. Whenever there is a distribution of power, there is corruption, as anybody has a tendency to exercise strength over the weak.

This brings us to the idea of a society, which cannot work without a set of rules. To maintain those rules, a form of government is formed. Society runs by rules, which are governed by a government.

It is these rules which become the basis of all our problems. The idea of a society is to survive in a better way by distributing tasks amongst each other, but because the system eventually leads to corruption, there is always a segment of society which tends to be treated badly or unjustly.

The people who corrupt are actually just following the basic rule of ‘survival of the fittest’. They seek an opportunity and go for it. They take the risk of breaking the general rules of a system, and leave no evidence behind, so that they are never blamed, even if they are known to be the culprits by everyone. This is where any system fails. The answer is not to find ways to stop the culprits, but as to how to empower the victims so that they can take the action themselves without having to resort to the governmental bodies to provide them justice.

A government system can be limited due to financial support, manpower or lack of leadership, but an individual is not. The victim, if given a chance, will always want to go ahead to the full scale of his or her capacities and try to claim justice as he/she feels right. On the contrary, government defines justice, which again takes in a broader sense of the same, while the definition of justice may vary from person to person. A government becomes more than a provider, a bottleneck for an individual’s pursuit of justice. This is a big issue which needs to be considered, because, if the government is incapable, does the victim have no right to justice, and if the government doesn’t define a certain form of justice, shall a victim be left unsatisfied?

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The reason behind this is also very simple. When rules are created, they forgo the idea of instinct. They ask you to follow certain steps, which, in a small manner, bind your freedom of action. Even a democracy is never totally respectful of an individual’s personal thoughts because its basic structure is based on a set of rules and these rules cannot accommodate the variations in thoughts of a billion people or more.

another_brick_in_the_wall_by_alexmorellon-d4x2kwsSimply saying, each person has a behavior and tendency, which means he/she live their life as per what they feel is right or wrong, and they create their own rules. So, if there are 7 billion people on earth, each one has a personal set/list of rules. These lists may have some common rules with other people, some may have totally similar lists, but variation will also be there. If it is proved that DNA of a person is unique, and each person has a unique fingerprint, then we can easily expect variations in thoughts in each second person.

This sheer level of permutations and combinations is incomprehensible for any government in the world. You cannot create rules which will take care of personal interests of each individual.

Coming back to reality though, we do live in a rule-based society. This means there are compromises. You want to dance on the road, but it is not socially acceptable. Good for everyone, but a small level of strain on you. If you try to see, there are so many desires which you suppress, because they are not acceptable by those around you. In reality, they do not accept who you are as an individual, but they want you to become a person who they can accept. Try to understand, isn’t this a trait which we find in machines? One set of machines of certain traits, another set of machines with other traits. This way we remove randomness from our systems. Where is the uniqueness and individuality?

Nature or God, depends on whom you believe in, created you and gave you certain traits. If those traits had to be changed by others, why were you given those traits at all in the first place? We never understood one thing, that Nature follows its own sets of rules, and all natural beings & objects follow those rules unconsciously. It is ingrained in them, maybe in their DNA. And Nature works in randomness, where each individual is treated equally, and has the freedom to do what he/she likes to the fullest of their capacity. This is the ultimate system, and we on parallel are trying to create another system, this leads, obviously, to conflicts.

And then one keeps thinking why we are never in peace…

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