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When I was 7, I saw the 1996 sci-fi blockbuster “Independence Day” with my father. That night, while walking with him, I asked him what he thought would happen if aliens really did invade earth.

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He rested an arm on my shoulder and said in a chilling voice, “If they can get here, they can beat us. To simply travel to our planet is to defy everything we know about physics. It wouldn’t even be a fight, they’d be so far beyond us.”

Since the year of Independence Day’s release, humans have made significant progress in the field of space travel. Last year, NASA publicly released plans for a “Warp Drive Project”- a theoretical vehicle that could break the speed of light and carry a crew to the nearest star system in just 2 weeks. By Einstein’s law, the same voyage would take 4 years.

Though it is entirely possible that there is other life in our solar system, I personally do not believe it would be intelligent or advanced. “The Grays” (as aliens are sometimes referred to) would most likely come from another star system and most likely wouldn’t journey by Einstein’s law. They’d have figured out how to break it. In this regard, my father’s hypothesis would be correct — They would be so much more advanced than human kind, military defeat wouldn’t even be a question.

U.S. Marines from Lima Company 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines aim their weapons during a shootout with Taliban fighters in Karez-e-Sayyidi in the outskirts of Marjah districtI was musing on this recently, and had a realization. Assuming that alien contact would become hostile, or even that a war would unfold from it is a very human way to look at it. Let’s take a minute to analyze the apparatus of human warfare…

“You have something that I want. Kneel before me, subject yourself to my dictation, and give me what I want. Now follow my rules. No? Alright then, I shall take what I want by force and/or kill you for resisting.”

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Essentially, this is the backdrop of human war in a nutshell. This is sadly the only way humans currently know how to resolve their problems. We still live in barbaric, warring tribes like our ancient ancestors, they’re just called “countries” now. Yet we don’t see just how sadly primitive this notion really is.

If aliens can get here, they are more advanced than us. This means they probably don’t subject themselves to inner-species squabbles. Certainly not fatal ones. They realize just how futile and unworthy this is as a solution. It’s defilement to the species itself. No doubt, alien kind would be beyond warring with itself. They would also likely be beyond borders on their own planet and would live in harmony.

War and combat are the marrow of our humanity’s metaphorical skeleton. It’s so deeply rooted into our species, removing it would no doubt cause an evolutionary change. Now imagine this change over a lengthy course of time. We would come up with entirely new concepts and methods of problem solving, changing our perspective and biological methodology –

 The point I’m getting at here is the sheer fact that aliens might be entirely beyond the concept of war and fighting. To assume they would invade us or start a war is just foolish. They probably don’t even need raw resources to survive because that, too, is primitive. An alien civilization’s otherworldly advances could be far more complex than we could currently understand as humans.

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