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More great news to report as Bavaria becomes the 62nd GMO Free farming area in Europe. Other GMO free farming areas include nine EU Member States, including 18 regions in France, 13 regions in Italy and every state in Austria.

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Entire countries are also getting involved, a majority of countries have multiple bans on GMOs, the latest being Russia who recently declared a complete ban on all GM food products. You can read more about that here.

“The vast majority of the population is against genetic engineering in agriculture, risks were not sufficiently clarified. Bavaria stands for high quality regional and seasonal foods. Plant biotechnology is incompatible with the sensitive natural areas and small-scale agricultural structure of the Free State. 62 regions have stated: We reject gene technology from our fields. For our demo and for self-determination, we need allies in Europe. The agreement is a clear political commitment and highly symbolic for the people of Bavaria,” Dr. Marcel Huber, Bavarian Environment Minister

This is further proof, which makes it clearly obvious that GMOs are not needed for sustainable food. In fact, the Union of Concerned Scientists reminds us that GM crops are not guaranteed, as promised by company advertising. They still fail to produce promised yields, and farmers are not permitted to save seeds due to the company’s patent. As a result, entire communities can be pushed to the brink of starvation.

Ask yourself, why would multiple countries around the world ban GMOs if they were safe to consume? Check out these related articles:

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We are still a little far behind in North America, but change is happening. It’s only been within the past few years that multiple countries have banned GMOs, and this is due to the large scale activism by millions of people worldwide who are waking up.

Last year, millions of people worldwide gathered to “March Against Monsanto.” This year, the date set for that March is May 24th and will no doubt wake even more people up to the fact that GMOs are not completely safe for human consumption. At the very least, they should be labelled so people at least have a choice with regards to what they’re eating.


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