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From the same group that has created the LifeStraw comes another incredible invention that has the power to drastically change the lives of thousands that currently do not have easy access to clean drinking water. The new solution is a book. The idea that a book can help to provide clean drinking water may sound a little crazy, but as the video shows it’s not only possible, but potentially even a little bit genius. Check it out:

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As the narrator says right off the top in the video below:

3.4 million people die each year from water related disease. But the even bigger problem, most of them don’t even know that their water is unsafe to drink in the first place.

The Drinkable Book is an incredible solution to help aid this reality and hopefully overcome it. The books ability to combine education through the information printed on it in food grade ink, with the practical ability to filter the water is quite the combination.

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We all undoubtedly deserve to have access to clean drinking water. Whether it be the LifeStraw, the Drinkable Book or any other innovation its great to see people stepping up and looking for ways to make this a reality. I encourage you all to check out the official website for Water Is Life (www.waterislife.com). Inform yourself of the various devices and projects that they have and are currently working on. See if there is any way for you to get involved, and at the very least help to spread the word through your networks since you never know who it may inspire and to what degree they could potentially help.

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