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We live in a world that praises competition. Whether it be in sports, the workplace, or even in social settings we regularly compete with one another both externally and within our minds. At one level, competition can be an exhilarating experience as it serves as a great motivator to push ourselves to accomplish more and more. But at another level is competition also pushing us as a human race farther and farther away from one another? This short video shows us a simple internal competition that I’m sure most of us have done at one point at least, I know I certainly have on various occasions.

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Directed, shot and edited by Vania Heymann ‘Walking Contest’ is in my opinion a powerful  & very well done short film that uses a seemingly harmless relatable experience to share a powerful message. The film’s final line really says it all:

Why can’t we walk together? I think it would be very cool.

Check it out:

As awesome as individualism and the celebration of our own accomplishments can be, it really seems as if the time for us all to come together is upon us. In so many realms of life, so many of us are starting to feel a need for change and even though that change always starts within, change on a massive scale always starts together.

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For me, watching this video immediately reminded me of a walking race I would internally create every day upon arriving at my subway stop after a day of school in University. Rather than simply race against just one, I would challenge myself to be the first of hundreds of passengers to get from the subway train to the parking lot staircase. The challenge became so exhilarating to me, that not only would I commentate my progress as I walked, but I would often even keep track of the number of days I succeeded. Was this unnecessary race completely harmless and even at times fun to do? Absolutely. But as this video reminds us, walking together can also be just as fun. When you’re open to it, you never know who you will connect with and it’s usually a lot easier to connect when travelling at the same speed.

I’m not sharing this video in an attempt to bash the idea of competition, as an avid fan and player of several sports, a level of competition has always been a part of my life. I simply wanted to share it as a reminder to us all to be open to coming together, we may just be surprised at not only who we meet but also how much we can accomplish.

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