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The Union Of Concerned Scientists has concerns about Monsanto’s Roundup Ready system. Although many people thought it was a great idea when it first came onto the market, the science of what is happening is now very concerning.

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The hazard to Monsanto’s Roundup system isn’t just the devastating health effects that could come along with their glyphosate and engineered seeds, but it’s the fact that it is toying with nature to the point where it is creating super-resistances and super-weeds.

Monsanto is a business with business concerns, they aren’t simply focused on doing what’s best for the whole. For this reason, regardless of the science and unknowns that come with genetic modification of food, Monsanto continues to push forward that their produce is not only safe but perfectly healthy for people to consume -something many scientists don’t agree with.

On the plus side there are plenty of great solutions available for REAL farming to produce excellent food, and it doesn’t require pesticides or genetic modification. Whether you use organic farming, permaculture farming or what the video below calls “Healthy Farms” the solutions are clear and available.

Let’s spread awareness about health choices and stop toying with what shouldn’t be toyed with.

Read more about the super weed problem here.

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