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Beauty is directly intertwined with our biology. When looking at something beautiful, like the sunset or the ocean, our body releases various chemicals and we feel uplifted, we feel well, we are totally immersed in that particular moment and as a result we experience true joy. The great thing about looking at something beautiful, again, is that it puts you in all there really ever is, the now.

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Ask yourself, how many times a day do you live in the present moment? How many times a day is your mind still, clear of thoughts? Lots of us have trouble with this, and something that can help you experience it might be happening this weekend.

North America could be in for a natural light show this weekend, as a meteor shower over the weekend could turn into something big that would affect countries’ entire skylines.

“Stargazers are expecting the spectacle to hit late Friday and last into Sunday morning, just as Earth passes through a stream of debris consisting of up to 1,000 pieces of a comet it shed in the 1800s falling all around, every hour, at speeds of 12 miles per second. The so-called May Camelopardalids will peak will peak at about 2am to 4am on Saturday, eastern US time. If Coment 209P/Linear was a poor producer of debris, we’ll see nothing. But if the comet was more active 200 or 300 years ago, we’ll see a decent show. What happens this Saturday morning was determined a few hundred years ago” – (source)   – Bill Cooke, Meteoroid Environmental Office at NASA’s Marshal Space Flight Center

So again, this might be an opportunity to enjoy something beautiful. How often do you just sit and admire the beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis? It’s remarkable how disconnected from nature we’ve become, completely ignoring it, and disrespecting it. Things will change, things are changing. Take a look up at the night sky this weekend, and lose yourself in that particular moment, as we so often do when we observe how beautiful nature can be. Let it remind you that time doesn’t exist, that all there really ever is, is the present moment, the now.

Let it also remind you that we live on a beautiful planet, and so many people on it want to preserve it, restore it and see the human race live with nature, not against it. Our planet is changing, and it continues to change at an exponential rate. Something is happening here, something important, now is the time to recognize that we are one human race. The way we live on this planet doesn’t resonate with many, I feel there is a voice out there from somewhere encouraging us saying, “humans, you can do better than this.”

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