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Corporatism’s New PR Tool: “Limited Hangout” Puff-Pieces

Maurer-smartmeterad-4-3-14On Sunday, Forbes Magazine published an article entitled, Smart Meters: Between Economic Benefits And Privacy Concerns. This is an example of a new type of propaganda we’re increasingly seeing, which could be called a “limited hangout” (ie. partial truth-disclosing) industry puff-piece.

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The column admits to concerns regarding the eradication of your in-home privacy, but ignores basic facts (such as, economic benefits to whom exactly?), and comes wrapped in a mind-numbing tone attempting to leave the reader with the false idea that there is nothing they can do.

The use of this tactic isn’t surprising, with the magazine’s status as voice for mainstream corporate business. Their inherent conflicts of interest make it unlikely that it would present anything other than the perspective that corporates deserve more money and more control.

As our film Take Back Your Power was specifically mentioned in the industry piece, at the bottom of this post is my response.

Implied Consent: Loophole By Design

As many CE readers know, because our utility service contracts have been altered — without our knowledge nor approval — to one that harms our rights, we can remove our consent to a “smart” or “advanced” meter deployment in our home.

Utilities take advantage of loopholes purposefully written into civil codes (see Sec 1624(3)(B)), which are designed to legally bind you to a contract (or a change of terms) if you are given notice and say nothing.

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“A voluntary acceptance of the benefit of a transaction is equivalent to a consent to all the obligations arising from it, so far as the facts are known, or ought to be known, to the person accepting.”
-California Civil Code, Sec 1589

Interestingly, the “limited hangout” disclosure-propaganda such as the Forbes article uses virtually the same practice as utilities themselves: give people notice of what’s being done, and achieve an “implied consent” legal agreement by means of non-action.

How to Effectively Remove Your Consent

Templates such as this NY lawyer’s Notice of Non-Consent and Demand, with Affidavit of Negative Averment, and others, are being used by tens of thousands to demand one’s rights and assert the financial and criminal liability of the those who are perpetrating the harm.

As numbers continue to increase toward critical mass — great numbers of us who are awakening, moving through fear, and redefining our relationship to authority — I believe the use of this type of administrative process has the capability to completely halt this and all corrupt corporate agendas.

Let us be mindful that the tone of resignation, apathy and fear of reprisal is always at the crux of the deliberate disinformation agenda. The establishment of greed and control is scared to death of the rising tide of human beings who are waking up, demanding their unalienable rights (which only exist if they are asserted), and holding white-collar criminals liable.

Those who sow seeds of fear and harm will reap their own fearful destruction. In order for this to happen and life itself to be preserved, those causing the harm need our conscious participation and willingness to serve as “mirror,” as we wakefully defend our basic rights and co-create a positive transformation around the world.

* * *

My response to the Forbes piece:

Published on here
I want to thank Forbes for writing about this most important and controversial issue, to which I have dedicated 3 years in researching and filming the investigative documentary “Take Back Your Power” as mentioned in the article. Though, the author seems to be under the false impression (or industry sway?) of resignation to the agenda; as the article concludes with what seems to be a well-crafted tone that this striking move toward fascism is somehow inevitable. The author also seems to have missed several critically important facts.
Fact #1: one former CIA Director, David Patraeus, admitted the intention to spy on all Americans through their “smart” appliances (with data extracted through “smart” or “advanced” meters).
Fact #2: another former CIA Director, James Woolsey, highlights the obvious and massive security vulnerabilities of the initiative, calling it a “really, really stupid grid.”
Fact #3: there is no legal basis for forced deployment of this technology into homes, and probably more than a million homeowners worldwide now have removed their “implied consent” and declined installation by sending a firm letter of non-consent for the constitutionally-illegal meter. Any “opt-out” fees are extortive, because they are being demanded in exchange for keeping your rights not to be surveiled in your own home.
Fact #4: with these new metering systems, power consumption typically rises without explanation, and utilities are additionally raising rates — often dramatically.  As an example, ComEd (Illinois) announced a 38% increase last month.
Fact #5: “advanced” meters are not safety-tested, and transmit pulses of radiation between 1,000 and 10,000 times higher than a cell-phone from the same distance. This is causing illness or functional impairments in a surprisingly high number of individuals, with the most affected being children, pregnant mothers, the elderly, and the immune-compromised. No less than 6 other federal agencies or committees have called out the FCC “safety” standards for microwave radiation as inapplicable or outdated.
I respect the entrepreneurial spirit of in your readers, many of whom are leaders in their respective businesses, because it is this spirit that made this country great. I ask each of you: are you prepared to give up your rights — and those of your family & future generations — by going quiet on this trojan horse technology?
At what point will we draw the line on the harm, extraction and extortion we are allowing?
Let us admit — at least to ourselves — that it would be foolish to drop the values of safety, security and privacy in our own homes… especially where there’s a government that keeps granting itself additional powers.
Business leaders are needed to speak up about the gross loss of rights that is currently happening, on the back of “implied consent.” I challenge each of you to redefine your relationship with authority and protect your family, starting by sending your utility a notice of non-consent.
Josh del Sol
Producer & Director
Take Back Your Power

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