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Russell Brand is at it again and his message stays the same: he’s calling for a peaceful revolution and urging people not to support the infrastructures of today which allegedly helps to decide how countries are run.  It seems all too obvious that who we vote into power has little to do with how things are run and instead it’s about the corporations influencing government at levels the people have no control over.

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Russell addressed about 50,000 people in London’s Parliament who were raising awareness about austerity measures. Although he wasn’t a planned speaker, his popularity amongst the world wide community of people trying to change the world for the better made him a great fit for the event. Regardless of what role he is playing for various people, he is certainly helping to draw attention to the reality of various global issues.

Brand spent a great deal of last year urging people to re-think the way our world works and peacefully come together in revolt. Renewing his call for revolution is no surprise given it seems Brand has not changed his views and still feels this is one of the only ways to truly make change.

His message also has a loving and heartfelt side. He believes that one can find a lot of peace and joy in coming together with others and helping each other in achieving what we wish to achieve, together. It is clear he isn’t about violent revolt, nor has he let his fame and fortune get to him as it may have in the past.

“Power isn’t there (in the House of Commons), it is here, within us. The revolution that’s required isn’t a revolution of radical ideas, but the implementation of ideas we already have.” Russell Brand

Check out what Brand has been saying in previous years and also check out the debate behind Russell’s message.

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