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When I was a young boy, I remember that watching movies sometimes yielded uncomfortable moments for my pre-pubescent self. My body would cringe whenever scenes of a sexual nature would play out, this was especially the case if the scene included members of the same sex, even more so when it involved two men. If I was sitting in a theatre and a scene with two men kissing suddenly played out, I was sure to hear grunts or sighs of disgust from various members of the audience. I would literally sink in my seat.

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At that rightful age, I hadn’t yet come into my own skin. I was bruised by the disapproval of others, ashamed of my sexuality due to the unethical standards established by the media. Through the media’s veil, I was taught that men kissing men was awkward and uncomfortable (i.e., the scene from American Pie 2 where Stifler and Jim kiss). Yet, at the opposite end of the spectrum, the media was teaching me that women kissing other women was erotic and appropriate (i.e., Neve Campbell & Denise Richards in Wild Things).

The following video showcases my point.


Where do these differing standards stem from? Is it in part due to the influence of religious dogmas? Is it because the world and media is more prominently perpetuated by heterosexual male stimuli?

The truth is, we’ve let our sense of right and wrong become dictated by others. We are segregated at birth, being taught that boys play with trucks and favour the colour blue while girls play with dolls and prefer the color pink. Any child who plays outside of these definitions are normally considered ‘gay,’ gay being outside the realm of normal. Everything has some sort of definition, label, or expectation attached to it.

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Wouldn’t a world without definition offer so much more potential for each individual to grow, learn and to become the most authentic version of themselves? Instead of saying “I am straight” or “I am gay”, how would a world look like where neither label is used? How many people live their lives not being who they really are, withholding some aspect of themselves that they feel isn’t generally accepted by the public (this applies to everyone, not just people hiding their sexuality). Too often we hear people say, “It’s so refreshing being able to just be myself around my friends,” but shouldn’t this be the case for everyone at all times?

It must be said, however, that we’ve indeed made some strides over the years with regards to equality and freedom, we’re just not fully there yet. Let’s keep working together until we’ve created a world where there are no more limiting definitions or labels, where everyone is free to be without any expectation or judgement of what is right or wrong. Some may call it wishful thinking, I say don’t let yourself be that person 🙂

BE the change you wish to see. Much love!


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