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Monsanto is quite popular right now and I’d like to share a different perspective on Genetically Modified (GM) food, and more specifically Monsanto.

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The Paradox of Monsanto

It is said that understanding a paradox is when one comes to find their true power and who they truly are as a being. It is important to understand that Monsanto has no power over anyone, if you think they do, then that is something you have to explore within yourself – since control is merely an illusion. Once you change your perception you may be able to see that what Monsanto is actually doing is helping to push people to take matters into their own hands and discover their true nature and potential.

For many years most people (myself included) believed everything they were told from the “outside” world. Many people still believe everything they are told, especially from respected “authority” figures such as their doctor. Your doctor will tell you to take this pill or take this pharmaceutical drug. The drug is said to be capable of making you feel better and/ or heal you, yet could possibly also give you 1 of 1000 side effects (just listen or look out for the side effects listed alongside every pharmaceutical commercial for proof).

Many years ago after having many allergic reactions to pharmaceuticals -my body was telling me something and I listened -I turned to vegetables/fruits and healthy eating as my medicine. Hippocrates said, “Let thy food be thy medicine.” People are now searching within themselves and taking their personal health into their own hands, taking FULL RESPONSIBILITY and no longer believing everything they are told, this is part of the self-empowerment shift that is occurring now.

We Have The Power & Choice

Looking within and not outside of oneself is where you will discover the true power that you have! People are waking up  to the fact that they do have a CHOICE, the power truly lies within the individual and not the corporations. Yet so many people want to believe we are powerless and being controlled. This thought, just like all thoughts, is all in your mind! The truth is that the more pressure and lobbying that Monsanto does, the more they are pushing people into awareness, this is the paradox. When I read an article about Monsanto now I don’t feel anger towards Monsanto (for many years I did, until I became conscious of my own free choice) because Monsanto as a corporation is destroying themselves while pushing more into awareness. Those that wake up and start taking responsibility will simply make a better choice and not allow Monsanto (or any other corporation) to tell them what to think, feel and eat.

I’ve experienced many people that know exactly what GMO’s are and don’t care, that is their personal choice and they are entitled to their choice. Much of the population is slowly becoming aware and still learning what GMOs are, however once you learn what they are and how they can affect the body, then the power is in the individuals hands to choose. As with everything else you have FREE CHOICE, this is your gift in life.

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For some it may be hard to understand how I got to this way of thinking, it’s because coming from a place of unconditional love, I understand absolutely everything has meaning. You can choose to focus on the negative aspects of life and live in FEAR, or you can choose to live in LOVE and see how the world is rapidly changing towards SELF RESPONSIBILITY and SELF LOVE, and Monsanto is playing a role in this shift. Just as politics (governments) and religion are losing their grips over the population, more people are looking within themselves realizing ones POWER LIES WITHIN and not outside of oneself!

You have a choice to live in LOVE or FEAR, so if you believe you are helpless and powerless to anyone, any corporation, any government, any religion then you will create this reality and live in that perspective. When you choose to live in LOVE, you see through all of the illusions in life and you live in true FREEDOM and can shift into a more loving reality that much quicker!

Albert Einstein’s quote, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them,” sums up exactly what I am trying to get across here. To hate Monsanto or to feel they have power and control over you, is to give your power away to them and this is living in Fear! We must not hate Monsanto, we must LOVE ourselves enough to simply choose not to give our power to Monsanto. As Martin Luther King, Jr. said,

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

While many have hatred towards Monsanto for what they are doing, the hatred people have towards them is creating the illusion and allowing Monsanto to continue to have the influence of power they hold over people. This is where understanding the paradox of spewing hatred is actually giving your power away and giving the illusion of control and power to large corporations such as Monsanto. When one can come to a state of being in unconditional love, one will see you simply make a choice towards Love with no need to feel hatred or fear towards anything in your reality.

Please don’t take my word as truth, individually we all came here to explore our own truths, I do know however that living in the power of unconditional love is the most powerful state of being one can experience. In this state of being, one can heal themselves and know nothing has control or power over you, other then your own CHOICE!

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