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Have you ever wondered how certain people in this world manage to achieve nearly impossible goals? Well it turns out that one secret lies in your state of mind. At least that’s the way Bertrand Piccard sees it, the Swiss psychiatrist and pioneer who is aiming to see his solar powered airplane, Solar Impulse 2 fly, across the globe in 2015.

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“It’s our old habits and convictions that keep us prisoners from new opportunities. We need to embrace the unknown to find new solutions”, says Piccard.

 For the purpose of spreading this message, Piccard has launched a challenge on Amazers, a community-driven website on which anyone can accept empowering challenges from inspiring influencers.

Steps To Get You On Your Way

In his challenge, titled “Achieve your goals with Pioneering Spirit,” Piccard guides people trough 3 steps that each participant has to complete within 21 days; having one-weeks time to complete each step. This is what the challenge is about:

1) Defining your so-called “Impossible” – a big goal that you always wanted to achieve, one that yourself or others around you think you can’t achieve. Step 1 is about starting to take that goal step by step and make it happen.

2) Understanding the obstacles in front of you and figuring out how to overcome them – every goal requires hard work. Step 2 is about looking at the potential barriers between you and your goal as well as outlining specific ways to address these barriers.

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3) Taking a first action step so that there is no going back – so often we think about and talk about things but end up not taking action. It’s as if we cannot commit because we know that once we do, it’s REAL. Step 3 is about taking practical actions that get you closer to the achieving of your “impossible” goal.

So far over 500 participants are participating in the challenge, which will only be open for registration until the 21st of July. The challenge starts every-time that 30 people accept it; this because the community feeling within a group of people undertaking any given challenge is one of the key unique points of the Amazers concept. To start achieving a goal that you truly dream of, jump into the Pioneering Spirit challenge and begin following the above 3 steps. Get inspired, inspire others, an be empowered!

More About Amazers

As already mentioned, the Amazers platform just went online last month so the Piccard Challenge is the first one to have been launched on the site. The team behind Amazers, which is lead by two Swiss-Italian brothers in their mid-twenties, has been working on their idea of inspiring people to do amazing things for a while now.

Amazers had started out in 2012, as a content website focused on sharing stories and interviews of inspiring achievers of all kinds. “It took us quite a while to understand that we needed to focus on action and not content,” said Fabio. “Our light bulb moment came when we watched a TED Talk by Chris Guilleabeau called the business of inspiration,” said Danilo. We found out that in that talk Guilleabeau elaborates that inspiration without action is merely entertainment; a statement that inspired the two brothers to set into motion their product’s pivot and shift from storytelling to the implementation of challenges.

For the future, the team behind Amazers community aims to strengthen their community and launch challenges with a wide range of inspiring influencers – always aiming to follow their fundamental mission of unlocking human potential.

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