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This is the type of commercial I wish was on TV everyday. Why? Because it has a great message and makes you think. This commercial certainly helps to remove gender stigmas and gets us thinking about where certain stereotypes, beliefs or insults even come from.

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Even though this video is put together by a corporation looking to sell a product, at least there is a great message to go along with it. It is much like Dove’s “Evolution of Beauty” campaign which focuses on showing how much a model for advertisements is made up. Incredibly made up and photo manipulated models give people an inaccurate depiction of what an average person looks like, thus creating a lot of insecurity with “imperfections” that we all have.

“Like A Girl”

In this new ad, adults are asked to perform various activities”like a girl.” Then children are brought out and are asked to do the same things “like a girl.” The difference between each performance group shares a powerful message about what “like a girl” means.

This article touches on another female related topic that I’m personally passionate about. It’s the idea of “a real woman.” What does this statement even mean? You hear it all the time when people say “a real woman has curves” or “this is what a real woman looks like.” The bottom line is, I feel, a real woman is any woman who exists in a human body. They come in all different shapes and sizes and with various features. Instead of focusing on how a woman should look, why not just let people be who they are? Why is there a need to manipulate so much of what is natural simply because “that’s what a woman is supposed to do?”

I have shared all of those thoughts in It’s Time To Retire The Statement “A Real Woman.” Isn’t It?

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