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Sometimes we are not in a state to move on and focus on the next stage in our lives. Even the thought of being present can be challenging to deal with, let alone trying to navigate through thoughts of our future. In this case, coaching can be a beautiful tool that helps to expand our awareness of self while helping us to attain our greater potential in life. Sometimes, however, we need to do some deep inner healing beforehand.

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You may feel like you have made progress in healing a dark or challenging time in your life. You have moved onward and have even taken some great steps in letting go of some hurt or emotional trauma. Yet for some reason, you are still having difficulties and continue to come back to this state of pain. No matter how hard you have tried to move on, you are often brought back to this time in your life. Cycles are beginning to present themselves over and over again and you may be feeling like you are even repeating ‘lessons’.

The reason for these cycles repeating and emotions resurfacing is that some portion of the healing has been left unresolved. Our egos are very sensitive to the painful events we experience and it takes time and energy to heal. These challenging events play such a meaningful role in our lives and coming to understand why they have played out and how to let go of them is crucial for our  personal development and progression.

The universe is always giving us exactly what we need at any given moment. Our souls do not judge our experiences, this judgment is left up to our egos. At a higher level, we are here to experience and learn everything that we can possibly experience, therefore our soul does not hold judgement towards how difficult any experience may be.

My family, 3 years after mother's breast cancer diagnosis. (2013)

My family, 3 years after my mother’s breast cancer diagnosis. (2013)

My family went through a very challenging time for years when my Mom was diagnosed with cancer. It was not easy to watch her struggle through the illness.  seeing her health progressively decline at a rapid pace. It can be difficult to understand that our higher selves made the agreement to experience these kinds of traumatic challenges in life, but these types of experiences bring us to a point of immense reflection. Through my mother’s challenges, not only did she learn and reflect on her life, but so did the rest of our family. So many lessons came from this painful time – we were forced as a family unit to bring awareness to issues that we had not been mindful of prior to this point. None of it was easy, but we grew so strong as a family unit and became more connected than ever before. Today my Mom continues her path of healing and we have all come to express much more gratitude for her, our family and our own lives because of this experience.

The reason I shared this story with you is for you to understand that there is power as well as meaning behind every challenge in life. We are constantly being pushed to grow and when we resist growth or get stuck in certain patterns, the universe will be right there to provide us with the lessons that we need. It took time for our family to heal past the traumas we faced and to understand the experiences we had, but because we have healed, we are now able to move onward and to focus on future goals.

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I mentioned earlier that cycles will repeat themselves and lessons will continue to resurface if we haven’t fully healed or done the work to understand the meaning behind our challenges. If there is healing to be done, then that first must be taken care of before moving forward in life.


Derek offers conscious coaching and assistance to those in search of attaining their highest potential in life by helping his clients to navigate and understand the life challenges that present themselves.

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