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The REAL Inconvenient Truth

Every choice that we make, whether large or small, impacts the planet on which we live every day. This is especially the case for the food we choose to consume.  The following short video begins with a  few simple questions about the current state of our planet. “6.7 billion people live here, 60 billion livestock live here. Where is all the food coming from to feed them? Where is their waste going? At what ecological expense?” It’s a relevant question, seeing how the livestock industry is one of the most ecologically damaging sectors currently existing on our planet. The video also raises another pertinent fact: 1.1 billion people in our world do not have access to clean and safe drinking water, yet it takes 20,000 liters of water to make just 1 pound of beef. Let that one sink in for a moment.

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People are dying from an insufficient amount of available clean drinking water, yet we are using millions of liters of clean water to raise livestock to feed the people fortunate enough to afford eating meat. It seems like a backwards concept when really thought about. Another imperative piece of information regarding livestock reveals that 18% of greenhouse gases come from the consumption of meat and dairy. This is the number 1 cause of pollution today. To put this into perspective, only 13% of greenhouse gases are caused by global transportation, “Stop global warming, don’t eat the planet!” the video boasts. We are fishing the oceans and seas 250 times faster than the natural breeding cycles. It’s simply not sustainable, but will we wait until it’s too late to fix the problem? The video ends with a question that everyone must ask themselves at some point, “what are you personally doing to change the world?”

You have the choice, right now, to make a massive impact for the future of our planet and our children simply by changing a few things in your diet. “Eat consciously, don’t eat the planet, save the human, go veggie!” Whether you choose a vegetarian diet or not, consider at least cutting down your meat intake drastically. Meat isn’t a required part of our diet and cutting it out can make a big impact on our planet.


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