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It’s cheap and easy to produce, and ever since being developed plastic has continually grown into the form of packaging that we as the human race use more than any other. It’s widespread use may be undeniable, but is it really necessary? With so many alternatives – such as paper, glass and the far too suppressed hemp – why is it that the majority of what we see on grocery store shelves continues to be packaged in plastic?

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Conscious efforts have been made, primarily through recycling, to limit the negative impacts of plastic, but these have not been near enough to stop plastics from getting into and contaminating much of our planet. As this video shows, the impact is far more widespread than you probably have ever imagined, check it out:

Plastic is literally everywhere, and thanks to the conscious efforts of people such as those behind the Museum of Design in Zurich this reality is becoming a more widespread form of public information. It’s now up to us to use this as motivation to create change within our own lives and ultimately inspire it within those around us as well.

What Can We Do?

Recycle: It may not fully solve the problem but a conscious effort to maximize its use can only help. Be sure to not only have a recycling system within your house but actively look to use those available in public as well.

Choose Alternatives Whenever Possible: Thankfully some alternatives do exist, and most of them are quite easy to incorporate. Re-using a glass bottle or thermos to store daily beverages, can go a long way in minimizing your plastic footprint. Bringing re-usable bags when grocery shopping and choosing paper products (such as paper plates, cups, etc) rather than plastic are just a few of the simple ways you can help.

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Support The Hemp Movement: Hemp is a truly remarkable resource that we at Collective Evolution have written about on numerous occasions. Why? Because it truly has the power to change the world, and its continued suppression really makes no sense at all. For more information about hemp, feel free to check out any of the following links: ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, or FIVE. Get excited about its potential and build awareness of it within your physical and online communities. Join pages such as THIS ONE, to find out how you can get even more involved in its growth.

Build Awareness: The easiest way to help is to build awareness by sharing articles and videos such as this one. Many of us are aware that plastic isn’t the best packaging out there but many need a reality check to see how harmful and widespread the impact really is. Another great interactive way to build awareness is to join or organize community events centred around plastic removal. Events such as a park clean-up can be a great way to remove unnecessary pollutants and also connect with like-minded individuals.


If this article and video weren’t enough to show the drastic impact that our “dependence” on plastic is having on the planet be sure to also check out THIS¬†article and video we also recently released.

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