U.S. Government To Pull Foreign Aid In El Salvador For Refusing Monsanto Seeds

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Governments do not dictate major policy, major multinational corporations do. We’ve seen this time and time again, and one of the best examples out there is Monsanto. This time, the United States government wants to force GMO seeds on El Salvadorian farmers.

Encouraged by the U.S. Embassy, the Millennium Challenge Corporation had “granted” El salvador 277 million dollars to “improve El Salvador’s competitiveness and productivity in international markets.” This, however, would not come without certain commitments and obligations, which included a commitment to ensure that the Ministry of Agriculture’s procurement of corn and bean seed would “be consistent with the provisions of the CAFTA-DR( Dominican Republic-Central America-United States Free Trade Agreement).” (1)

“We are asking the Government of EL Salvador to implement the procurement program for corn and bean seeds in a competitive, objective, and transparent manner that demonstrates to all stakeholders both EL Salvador’s commitment to the CAFTA-DR, as well as its commitment to good governance. Such principles are inherent in the provisions of the CAFTA-DR.” (1)

Again, without these specific economic reforms the U.S. government will not provide El Salvador with the 277 million dollars in aid money through the MCC. What is happening here? The U.S. is seeking to spark economic growth in El Salvador through various policy reforms created and set up by Washington.What will this lead to? More pollution? More environmental degradation?

Farmers across the country have united in order to stop this stipulation within this US aid package. Which again, indirectly requires the purchase of Monsanto genetically modified (GM) seeds.

“Transnational companies have been known to provide expired seeds that they weren’t able to distribute elsewhere. We would like the US embassy and the misinformed media outlets to know more about the reality of national producers and recognize the food sovereignty of the country.” – Juan Joaquin Luna Vides, 45 year old Salvadoran farmer (2)

Hundreds of other farmers have successfully produced high-quality seed that is adapted to the specific soil and climate conditions of their country. Using indigenous seeds simply makes more sense.

If you didn’t know, Monsanto controls the majority of seeds all over the world. In India alone, thousands of farmers lost their livelihoods, and many farmers all over the world have filed lawsuits against Monsanto.

“In defining seed as their creation and invention, corporations like Monsanto shape the Global Intellectual Property and Patent Laws so that they can prevent farmers from seed saving and sharing, forcing them into dependence on their patented GMO seeds.” – Dr. Vandana Shiva (source)

The president of the El Salvadorian Center for Appropriate Technologies (CESTA) criticized the US negotiating position and says the country should back away from its demand.

CESTA President Ricardo Navarro said that:

“I would like to tell the U.S. Ambassador to stop pressuring the Government (of El Salvador) to buy ‘improved’ GM seeds. There is a harmful corporation on the planet called Monsanto…it is truly disturbing that the U.S. is trying to promote them.” (source)

El Salvador has been taking leaps that other countries in South America have been taking, in September of 2013 they completely banned glyphosate, a chemical used in Monsanto’s Roundup pesticides along with dozens of other agricultural chemicals. Sri Lanka also recently banned it after citing a link to a deadly kidney disease (you can read more about that HERE). It’s also been linked to various diseases, including cancer. You can find out more about Glyphosate and links to studies HERE.

In 2013, a Washington, DC-based watchdog group called “Food & Water Watch” released a report detailing how the US State Department issued directives to US embassies to promote biotech products and to be responsive to the concerns of the biotech industry. The report said:

“Between 2007 and 2009, the State Department sent annual cables to ‘encourage the use of agricultural biotechnology,’ directing every diplomatic post worldwide to ‘pursue and active biotech agenda’ that promotes agricultural biotechnology, encourages the export of biotech crops and foods and advocated for pro-biotech policies and laws.” (source)

WikiLeaks Cables

Something like this might be considered economic warfare, it’s happened before. There are cables released by WikiLeaks that reveal the Bush administration developed ways to retaliate against Europe for refusing to use genetically modified seeds. (source 1) (source 2) (source 3) The US embassy in Paris advised Washington to start a military-style economic war against any European Union country that opposed GM crops.

“The United States has aggressively pursued foreign policies in food and agriculture that benefit the largest seed companies. The U.S. State Department has launched a concerted strategy to promote agricultural biotechnology, often over the opposition of the public and government, to the near exclusion of other more sustainable, more appropriate agricultural policy alternatives. The U.S. State Department has also lobbied foreign governments to adopt pro-agricultural biotechnology policies and laws, operated a rigorous public relations campaign to improve the image of biotechnology and challenged common sense biotechnology safeguards and rules – even including opposing laws requiring the labelling of genetically engineered (GE) foods.” (source) (referenced by wikileaks on twitter, see rt news link)

Final Comments

As you can see, it’s not just the studies coming out year after year indicating that GM foods can be harmful to human health, it’s shady politics and other meanderings that clearly indicate something is up here. It’s great to see the power of activism working, as multiple countries around the world have banned GMOs and the pesticides that go with them. The Marches Against Monsanto the past two years have seen millions gather all over the world to oppose the major biotech giant.

There are better ways to feed the world, organically. It’s possible and we have the resources to do so. Ask yourself, why aren’t we doing it?

For more on this story, please read THIS article, written by award winning investigative journalist Dahr Jamail from truth-out.org.






All other sources are highlighted throughout the article.

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  1. Monsanto is USAID.

  2. tom

    What is expired seed?

    I cannot find a prohibition against saving seed for the next year’s crop in any of the references. Did I miss it?

    In the end doesn’t this reduce to: The US taxpayers wish you’d take $277 million from us if you’ll use it to buy our seed. Or not, your choice.

    By the way, that is usually how foreign handouts are managed; We’ll give you CREDIT toward purchasing our stuff, be it guns, plowshares or seed. It’s rarely cash.

  3. Bill Ransdell

    BRAVO El Salvadore! My hats off to you and your farmers!

  4. mergon

    USA and Monsanto have a plan to flood the world with their genetic poison seeds that requier their ROUNDUP POISON WEED KILLER that causes birth defects and destroys the bee,s that pollinate the natural plants and crops ,
    the worlds resources are running out and the planet is over populated the USA and Monsanto think they have the corporate answer to to this ,America is broke and consumes appx 25% of the worlds resources hence spending all of its money on their war machine while American cities fall into decay and their police are turned into para militaries !

    • tom

      GE seeds do not REQUIRE roundup to grow. Some strains are Roundup resistant for chem till instead of cultivation. But how do you know which trait is in the seed being discussed? I cannot find such info in this article.

  5. dan

    What do expect when our president of the corporation has shares in Monsanto

  6. Wilheim

    100% agreed. El Salvador has to have integrity and character to refuse Monsanto’s poison.

    I really have to wonder why fedgov is pushing GMO all over the world after they have “doomday” seed vaults in several places. Odd huh?

  7. Roger

    The reason that the US govt wants to force GMOs on the world is so that Big Food can control all of the food on earth. That is also why they are also going after small farmers and gardeners. If they control all the food then they can force you to obey or starve out you until you do. This is part of the long term plan for global enslavement.

    • tom

      Roger: Do you have any evidence for your hypothesis or is it wild speculation?

      • ASDF

        “Growing food will be banned by saying it isn’t safe and the state and corporations will control all food production. The supply and distribution of food will be monitored so that no one can give food to a fugitive of the system.” Dr. Richard Day, 1969

        There has been a number of initiatives in the past few years that have gone after people for growing food in their yards on their own property, claiming that their gardens aren’t permitted by bylaws.

        There is clearly a group of persons who want centralized control of the entire food system worldwide.

        • tom

          I googled ‘dr richard day’ and got about 200 hits. That isn’t a reference it’s directions to the library. Please be more specific and provide a url to a reputable site. By reputable I mean one that does fact checking and goes to the source, not some wacko site catering to repressed hippie wannabees.

          And by ‘initiatives’ don’t you mean city ordinances and not ‘bylaws’? That implies that your mythical Doctor Day sat thru three city commission meetings of your unspecified town and got this passed. Maybe in his town, but unlikely elsewhere. Clearly this is evidence of local cranks, not a worldwide conspiracy.

          I have heard of such complaints against citizen gardeners, but it isn’t common. I myself have a garden in the yard. No bellyaching so far. “Victory gardens’ were common and encouraged during WII and some were an eyesore. I doubt it has anything to do with the new world order or some other conspiracy.

          • ASDF


            Foremost, let’s not forget that that is an INFERENCE (lit. “something that is inferred; the act or process of reaching a conclusion about something from known facts or evidence”)!

            Second, I don’t record the sources of every single piece of information that I end up reading; hence I wouldn’t get much reading done if that were the case.

            Third, you seem to want to have things spoon-fed to you; have you never done a high school project whereby you yourself had to actually research the subject instead of having all of the necessary facts provided for you by your lovely so-called teacher? Honestly, are you that helpless?

            And lastly, this will be my final comment because, like I’ve said before, I couldn’t care any less whether or not you do or don’t take my word for it.

            P.S. What do you think Monsanto is if not a group of persons who want centralized control of the entire food system worldwide? Surely Monsanto isn’t a group of person who wants control of just America’s, India’s, and El Savador’s food systems, and not just Europe’s or Russia’s…

            I don’t mean to offend you, but please, for your own sake, think a little.

            • tom

              AS: I’m a skeptic bordering cynic. My lovely teacher did as I’m doing, which was ask for evidence that supports a claim in an attempt to teach the difference between fact, opinion and faith. It’s a logical fallacy to infer that one case of a gardener and a cranky neighbor equals a worldwide ban on home gardens. It appears you are an expert at logical fallacies: In one paragraph you make an ad hominum attack, create a strawman that I want things spoon fed while at the same time claiming that the burden of proof does not lie with you. https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/ Nice try at making me the bad guy. All I wanted was evidence: What I got was a waste of time and you dancing around the issue.

          • ASDF

            This isn’t a scientific journal. In fact, this is the comment section of an online website for an e-magazine supposedly about consciousness and what not. Like I said, if you want an informed opinion on the matter, do some research. You don’t have to take my word for it. My opinion is inferred from many different things I’ve read or heard about over the reads. And I’m not concerned about convincing you of the truth of this matter. You can believe it or not. You can research the matter or not.

            • tom

              AS : Thanks for your response. Clearly this isn’t a scientific journal, and off the wall comments appear to be welcome, but so are verifiable facts and data. I was hoping you had something to substantiate your claim that “there is clearly a group of persons who want centralized control of the entire food system worldwide.’

              Apparently not.

          • ASDF

            I would suggest not jumping to conclusions and doing some actual research. Nobody is going to research for you; of course unless you’re paying them.

            • tom

              AS said: I would suggest not jumping to conclusions and doing some actual research. Nobody is going to research for you; of course unless you’re paying them.

              Dear comrade AS: You are the one who said, without reference: “There is clearly a group of persons who want centralized control of the entire food system worldwide.’

              I suggest some of your own medicine: Yours is a fine example of a conclusion jumped to.

              I’m not in the business of being your fact checker, and it is not customary for readers to do research to justify a writer’s claims. That’s your job. The more I have to dig to verify someone’s claims the more skeptical I get.

        • ASDF

          Here is one incident from a simple Google search: http://www.canadiangardening.com/gardens/specialty-gardens/the-politics-of-gardening-bygone-bylaws/a/34885

          There have been many more similar incidences across the country.

          • tom

            AS: The ref says this wasn’t a ban on gardening. It says: “Lawns shall be kept trimmed and not be overgrown or in an unsightly condition out of character with the surrounding environment.”

            How is that a ban?

            A cranky neighbor complained and the couple won.

            Yet, to you this is evidence that supports your claim that “this is clearly a group of persons who want centralized control of the entire food system worldwide.”

            What a stretch.

      • - Collective Evolution

        I don’t think his hypothesis is wild at all, it’s clear that corporations like Monsanto want to control the entire global food supply.

        • tom

          Arjun, Roger said the USG wants to force GEs on others while your article is praising El Salvadore for refusing it. AFAIK they declined a gift from the US taxpayer. Where is the force?

          • - Collective Evolution

            Hi Tom,
            there are multiple documents showing how the USG forced GE’s on other countries, and planned to retaliate against them for refusing in various ways. These documents coupled with the large amounts of scientific data showing how GMOs can be harmful to human health is what has millions, if not billions of people around the world opposing corporations like Monsanto :) Thanks for reading!

            Here is one (out of many)


    • tom

      Arjun’s article doesn’t specify what traits the GE corn and bean seed is designed for. So I’ll speculate that it is for Roundup tolerance. If so, the seed doesn’t require it to grow and there is no requirement that the farmer actually use roundup to control weeds – a hoe works just as well. That one begets the other is pure speculation.

    • tom

      Roger: Do you know any of that for a fact? Do you have references, or is it just wild speculation?

  8. C. Gonz

    Most of that $277 million in ‘foreign aid’ would have gone to the ‘elites’ in El Salvador anyway, so losing that is no big loss. I can’t but feel that there is about to be coup de tat in El Salvador, which strangely seems to happen quite often when countries don’t go along with the corporate/fascist/globalist agenda – look out down below.

  9. tom

    The current influx of undocumented children are from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. Some claim that these 4-12 YOA kids decided all on their own to find their way across the length of Mexico to the US border without assistance – a claim that is simply asinine. Is there a connection here? http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/most-children-illegally-crossing-the-border-alone-will-be-deported-white-house-signals/2014/07/07/0f9ec85e-0603-11e4-bbf1-cc51275e7f8f_story.html

  10. Old Timer

    I wonder if we are going to ship their kids back? Repent, Get Saved, Get Raptured. Jesus Christ is waiting and watching.

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  11. Encouraged by the U.S. Embassy, the Millennium Challenge Corporation had “granted” El salvador 277 million dollars………..
    Again, without these specific economic reforms the U.S. government will not provide El Salvador with the 277 million dollars

    Sooooooo the Millennium Challenge Corporation …is the US GOV? I smell hysteria…


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