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Our species is an amazing race with so much cultural diversity. Every section of the globe is a unique piece of the whole puzzle we call the human race. When we come together (if we ever do, and we are) our potential to create something better for ourselves, the planet and all beings that reside on it is infinite. We have the means to create a world where everyone’s needs are met, a world of peace so we can start advancing as a species and move forward from our adolescence into adulthood. Creating awareness is great, but action is key, it starts with you.

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Sports are a wonderful creation of the human race. They are very fun, and provide lots of joy to millions of people around the world. People coming together for global sporting events is something that should indeed be celebrated. But we have to ask ourselves, where are our priorities? What is the intent behind the sporting event? Money? Politics? Conflict? Or a love for the game?

Do we think massive sporting events are more important than the lives of the hungry? The sick? The homeless? Our priorities as a human race must change. We can fix, repair and rebuild our planet first, the fun can come later.

Despite  what many in the Western world thought about the world cup, here is a glimpse of the voices within Brazil that went unheard. Many Brazilians were upset that their government put millions of dollars into the funding of this month long event, when the money is desperately needed elsewhere. At the same time, money should never come in the way of necessity, it really doesn’t have to be this way.

These images show a nation tired of corruption and greed. Take a look at these 13 powerful pictures of anti-Fifa graffiti in Brazil:


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