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John Mayer once said “If you trust the Television then what you get is what you got, cause when they own the information they can bend it all they want.” This is precisely what is happening in the video below where Russel Brand breaks down how Sean Hannity and FOX news pushes a pro-war stance on what is taking place between Israel and Gaza.

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We hear it quite often don’t we? When we say we like to stay informed with what is going on with the world so we watch the news and read the newspaper. But are we really staying up to date with what’s happening? Or are we simply hearing planned rhetoric with an agenda making it very difficult to know what is actually happening if you don’t do further research?

Russell Exposes FOX’s Agenda

Russell picks apart a recent show on FOX where Sean Hannity asks Dr Zudhi Jasser and Yousef Munayyer various questions about the conflict taking place in Israel and Gaza.  You will notice very quickly how FOX’s stance is clearly pro-Israeli as opposed to simply covering and generating opinions from an un-bias point of view. This type of approach of course convinces viewers to sway their opinions one way or another, much like mainstream news convinced a nation it was a good idea to cause terror in Iraq after the supposed terrorist attack on 9/11.

Watch as Russel picks apart the entire exchange and shatters the propaganda being heavily pushed on this show. Notice how FOX’s only idea of a solution is to attack back proportionately. Does this not help push the idea of war?

Peace Comes From Peace, Not Fighting

The powers of our world still operate under the level of thinking/consciousness where going to war and fighting will create peace. They’ve convinced many of us to believe in this as well but there are millions who are truly waking up beyond these old paradigms and seeing that if we wish to have peace we not only need to dis empower those in power now but we need to find solutions to challenges as opposed to going to war.

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