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Sleep is at the core of so much of what we do. Whether you regularly monitor and ensure that you are always fully rested, or you just get what your life allows you to  get, we all spend a lot of time sleeping. On a microcosmic scale it’s quite easy to quantify the effects of not getting a good night’s rest, as we’ve all experienced some mixture of: fogginess, fatigue, burning eyes and a lack of alertness amongst other things. But what happens when we apply sleep deprivation to a macrocosmic scale?

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Cumulative Sleep Debt

To help explain a lack of sleep over an extended period of time, scientists have coined the term ‘Cumulative Sleep Debt’ (CSD). CSD accounts for the lasting effects on brain functionality when we do not receive an adequate amount of sleep. The following video put together by asap Science fully explains the concept of CSD and shows why we should all ensure we regularly receive a proper amount of sleep.

Get To Know Your Body

As the video reminds us, we are all unique. Therefore, we all function differently from one another and how much sleep we each require is of no exception to this. The best way to identify the adequate amount of sleep for you is to monitor yourself. Commit to a particular sleep amount for a given period of time and see how your body reacts both immediately and over time. The more you play with different sleep amounts the more likely you are to find the amount that best suits you and the lifestyle that you primarily lead.

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