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The First Step… ‘Returning to the Master’

It is very easy in this crazy world to feel lost and disconnected. It is very easy to fall into a state of dis-harmony with ourselves and lose all enjoyment and satisfaction with the deeper aspects of life. We become vulnerable victims of fear and as a result we close ourselves off to the world and all of its perceived dangers. We hand over our freedom in exchange for safety and security. We hand over our individuality for societal norms and conform to the status quo. We become puppets living in a shallow state with limited conscious awareness. To escape this fear is therefore the first liberation required to free the mind, body and emotions and open the door for the true human experience.

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To transcend fear we have to get in touch with our higher consciousness, not only this but we must amplify its power and influence over the way we behave and engage with the world around us. To illustrate this please first complete the exercise below:

  • Draw a triangle on a piece of paper
  • Mark the top point with an S, the bottom left point with an M and the bottom right point with a B
  • Divide the triangle vertically in half with a dotted line and mark the point where it crosses the base line with an E

In our purest state this diagram represents the true structure of human governance during a lifetime on planet earth. The S represents the soul which flows energy down three channels to the mind, emotions and body. Energy also flows back to the soul or source via these channels. There is unbroken continuity. The mind is governed by the soul which also keeps emotions in a stable and balanced state. The body is also regulated and managed by the soul and has access to the unlimited supply of life energy that is available when the soul is in charge.

Why then, if things are so simple, is the world trapped in the current paradigm of fear and external control?

The modern word government is derived from the latin words ‘governo’ and ‘mentis’ which literally means to control the mind. However, as we have just illustrated the only true governor of the mind should be the soul that it belongs to! How then do they control our minds? Using the diagram we can see that the only way to control the mind would be to break the continuity that exists between it and the soul. The connection literally needs to be broken:

  • Draw a solid line horizontally across the triangle
  • Mark this line EGO

The human mind does not want or know how to be in control and so in the absence of the soul connection it creates the ego. The ego in many ways is the false self. It keeps us trapped in a shallow mental, emotional and physical state (base-line awareness) limiting us from our truly unlimited potential.

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This false self is fed, sustained and encouraged by the power culture that created it through a matrix of avenues which include education, media, television programmes, faked events, celebrity status, competitive sports, laws, social celebrations and many more.

The power of the soul to override the ego is also reduced through fluoridated tap water and the calcification effect this has on the pineal gland. Thus we become puppets for an external force of governance that seeks to manipulate and control the way we behave and the choices that we make.

Controlling Human Life

If you are aware of the famous illuminati/New World Order triangle symbol, this is what they are representing; their control over mankind, through the manipulation of human consciousness. We have all, especially in the western world been a part of the biggest social experiment in human history. This experiment has sought to destroy the value of the individual and commoditize the value of a human life. It has pitted us against one another competitively and broken our higher connection to who and what we really are.

‘You are not a body that has a soul; you are a soul that has a body.’ You came here to do amazing things, your true self has a real purpose and mission in being here. You are unique and you bring a fresh energy and perspective that you really must engage with and share.

To remember who you are you need to forget everything you’ve been taught to be. It really is time to ditch the ego, it is limiting our experience and insulting our true nature and beauty. It is time to leave the darkness behind and live truthfully in the light.

There is a great peace that arises when you restore the structure of your life back to what it should be. Miracles can happen once the unlimited potential of your soul’s energy is allowed to flow freely through every aspect of your being. Love fills the space that was once occupied with fear and you see the governments, financial corporations and influential institutions of the world, that created this current paradigm, for what they really are.

You have returned to being the master of your life’s energy. A great power fills your heart and you no longer feel, lost, isolated or alone. You have shifted your awareness into a higher perspective.

We are beautiful and magnificent beings! We just need to remember it! After that it’s time for a massive celebration! RECLAIM YOUR HIGHER AWARENESS! TRUST IT AND RESPECT IT!

Namaste x

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