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Bindi Irwin, daughter of the legendary “Crocodile Hunter,” Steve Irwin -wildlife expert, television personality, and conservationist -is following in her father’s footsteps trying to raise awareness and bring about positive change for the planet. Steve Irwin tragically died in September of 2006 when he was pierced by a stingrays barb when he was filming for a documentary. On September 20th, 2006, Bindi Irwin who was 8 years old at the time received a standing ovation after delivering a eulogy for her father in front of a crowd of 5,000 and a worldwide television audience of more than 300 million viewers. At the time Bindi pledged to continue on with the conservation efforts her father started. Since then Bindi has starred in numerous TV shows and has appeared on Letterman, Larry King Live, Ellen DeGeneres, plus a host of other television and media programs. Bindi continues to spread the word and focuses on conservation and supports Wildlife Warriors, the charity founded by her family in 2002 and is involved with Australia Zoo which is a base for helping injured and sick wildlife.
In 2012, Bindi was asked by Hillary Clinton to write a 1000-word essay on conservation for the former first lady’s e-journal. The piece was supposed to be published in the December issue titled Go Wild Coming Together for Conservation as part of Secretary Clinton’s endangered species initiative, but Clinton didn’t like what Bindi had to say on population and the environment and wanted it changed. In response, Bindi wrote to Hillary Clinton’s organisation and said “what happened to freedom of speech? This is my opinion and I don’t want that edited out’.” The tough-talking teen –who onscreen has freed Willy, fought pirate animal poachers and hosted Bindi’s Boot Camp –pulled the essay from the publication in anticipation of a response. She said that while it was a good message that they were trying to convey in the publication, she just wanted her whole essay to be printed rather than just a snippet of it without the other points she wanted included. So that’s how it’s ended. (1)

To See Bindi’s Unedited Speech See Below

Bindi’s latest appearance has been in director Peter Charles Downey’s new film Surviving Earth which will be released in October of this year. Surviving Earth examines some important themes such as fossil fuel versus renewable, GMO versus organic, greenwashing versus evergreen, corporation versus community, excess versus enough, ecocide versus evolution and stupidity versus wisdom. With some serious players involved in Surviving Earth, such as Ian Dunlop -who is a former international oil, gas and coal industry executive, effectively an industry insider who has been helping educate people around some of the issues we face as a society, -Professor Tim Flannery,  Professor Ian Lowe, Professor Paul Ehrlich, Dr. Simon Michaux, David Holmgren and a host of other highly credible cast members  there is sure to be some discussion and media generated by Downey’s film. Downey explores how  fossil-fuels are artificially sustaining society and how depleting resources and environmental health are starting to impact the planet and society. Bindi represents the voice of youth and delivers in her energetic and passionate manner a case for moving forward towards a more sustainable planet.

For more info on Surviving Earth the movie visit:

Article by Andrew Martin editor of onenesspublishing  and author of  One ~ A Survival Guide for the Future…


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