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Senator David Norris is an Irish academic, senator and civil rights activist. He’s been credited with a number of successes, including overthrowing the anti-homosexuality law in 1988 after a fourteen-year campaign.

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A video of him has popped up on the world wide web and seems to be getting lots of attention. In it, he condemns Israel for their actions in Gaza, expressing how he feels they are defying the world and using the Holocaust to justify what they are doing.

The issue here is one that we must all critically examine, what your mainstream media networks present to you is probably not going to help you understand what is really happening. Bottom line, the human being that is pulling the trigger and pressing that button, is the one that must stop. War cannot happen without the brainwashing of those who are sought after in order to participate in it. It’s the human being alone that must have a change of heart, a shift in consciousness in order for anything to change.

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In the video above, Norris says this:

“Israel is afraid of Palestinian unity, that’s what all this is about. It has nothing to do with the murder of Israeli children, the Israelis knew that Hamas had nothing to do with it before this war started. With regards to Hamas, Israel created Hamas in order to split Fatah, so they’re responsible for Fatah, and I have that confirmed in the highest level in the foreign ministry in Jerusalem some years ago.” – David Norris

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“Fatah” referes to Yasser Arafat’s party, which formed the Palestinian Liberation Organization, which was considered a terrorist organization by Israel.

Hamas, the Islamist organization who we constantly see mentioned on the mainstream media as a group that are raining rockets on Israel, were created by Israel, as mentioned by Senator Norris, you can learn a bit more about that HERE.  There are also Wikileaks documents showing that Israel was interested in enabling Hamas activity in order to weaken the Palestine Liberation Organization.

Documents from the 1980’s show that Israel enabled Hamas to act in the first intifada in order to enable it to strengthen, and to create a splitting of the Palestinian nation.

“Many in the West Bank believe that Israel actively supports Hamas, in its effort to split the Palestinian nation and weaken the Intifada. Shop owners in Jerusalem and Nablus claim that while PLO members are security distributing leaflets for fear of the Israeli security forces, Hamas distributes its leaflets openly.”(source)(source)

This was also written on the document by the American government.

“In spite of the man arrests, only a small number of Hamas leaders have been arrested. We believe not only does Israel turn a blind eye on Hamas activity, but even supports it.” (source)

All Is Not Known In The Happenings of War 

As  stated earlier, the human being that is pulling the trigger and pressing that button, is the one that must stop. War cannot happen without the brainwashing of those who are sought after in order to participate in it. This video is to help others gain a better understanding of what’s happening, as it’s important to examine a large amount of information on both sides.

War is full of economic and political agendas, there are those who thrive off of war and have vested interests in keeping it going. There are those who  thrive of off the planet fighting over who is at fault and what is really going on. At the same time, it’s not very difficult to see that we are constantly lied to about major global happenings, 9/11 was a great example. Today, many people have become aware that Al-Qaeda was a creation of the CIA, another great example out of many. Think about that for a moment, the CIA created the group responsible for terrorism against the United States, doesn’t make much sense does it?

Bottom line, it doesn’t matter, this is ridiculous and it’s hard to imagine that killing other people is seen as a solution to any problem.

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