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We live in a world where we are regularly told to personally celebrate our differences and to treat one another equally, and for good reason. Unfortunately, our actions and judgements towards others do not always line up with these commonly spoken beliefs. Jonathan Novick set out to show us this through his short documentary entitled ‘Don’t Look Down On Me.’

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Jonathan is a 22-year-old little person living in New York City. Jonathan begins the documentary by giving us some insight on his upbringing, his condition and his life to this point. It’s what Jonathan decides to do after that, that is truly eye opening. Through the use of hidden camera technology Jonathan gives an inside look at a day in the life of a little person, some of the reactions and comments that people make may truly surprise you. Check it out:

As Jonathan states at the end of the documentary, let this film be a reminder for the next time that you see someone that is different from you. Rather than mindlessly pass judgement, put yourself in their shoes. Think about what their day might be like and whether or not they truly warrant the unjust thoughts that you and so many others are directing towards them. Be an active part of creating change in this world by breaking away from the ‘norm’ and being a good part of their day.

The more you become aware of the way that you react to physical, cultural and even social differences the more likely you are to deprogram any unjust reactions and replace them with the equality that we all deserve.

Be sure to help spread the word of Jonathan’s documentary by subscribing to his YouTube Channel, liking him on Facebook and by following him on Twitter.

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