New Stonehenge Discovery Changes Everything – 15 New Monuments!

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Stonehenge has always been a mysterious place. For years, people have been pondering its meaning and whether or not humans had a hand in building the massive circular monument of up-right stones. Just recently, the plot thickened at Stonehenge.

A new study which, prior to, had never been done before suggests that there are 15 previously undiscovered monuments hidden underneath the ancient stone monument of Stonehenge.

Lead researcher Prof. Vincee Gaffney explained “This is among the most important landscapes, and probably the most studied landscape in the world,” he says. “And the area has been absolutely transformed by this survey. [It] won’t be the same again.”

Researchers Used Radar & Laser Scanning Technology

To conduct the study, researchers used a number of technologies to find out what lies beneath Stonehenge. They used a non invasive ground penetrating radar as well as 3D laser scanning to get highly detailed maps of the subsurface area of Stonehenge. According to the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Archaeological Prospection and Virtual Archaeology, these technologies are notable for being much less destructive than traditional, digging-based exploratory techniques. Something that proved to be very important in keeping this discovery as intact as possible.

The Findings

Thus far the team has found gaps in the almost two-mile-long Stonehenge Cursus (a series of banks and ditches). While the use and meaning of these cursus are debated, many scientists believe that they were processional routes given that many of them align with astronomical events. In the case of the Stonehenge cursus, they align with the Spring and Fall equinoxes.

The newly discovered trough and the other subsurface monuments have “absolutely transformed” how archeologists will view the Stonehenge area, Gaffney said. Yet “until you dig holes,” he acknowledged, “you just don’t know what you’ve got.”

Previously, science proposed that the area of very private and only visited during special occasion. These new findings suggest that this theory now has to be updated as it appears much more has gone on at Stonehenge. “The perceived wisdom was driven by the monuments we knew about,” Gaffney told Smithsonian. “We’ve put in the data between the monuments.”

The full map of the findings are set to be released Sept 9th 2014 at the British Science Festival. Hopefully we continue to learn more about these structures in the coming years as well.

A full map of the project’s findings is to be presented September 9 at the British Science Festival in Birmingham, England. (David Preiss)

A full map of the project’s findings is to be presented September 9 at the British Science Festival in Birmingham, England. (David Preiss)

The Hidden Landscape Project

This project has been a collaboration going on for the last 4 years. Stonehenge is one of the most studied landscapes in the world and some believe it is also the most important. This new discovery shows there is a lot more going on with Stonehenge than was previously thought. Mysteries that could become clear in the coming years as we discover more about what these monuments mean.

If you are not new to alternative streams of information and theories, you may have heard various theories about the meaning and use of Stonehenge, anything from UFO landing places to special healing energies that exist around the monument. Nothing has been proven correct or ruled out at this point, making Stonehenge an even greater mystery when you think of the potential implications a full discovery could have. Then again, would we ever truly find out the truth if the implications were extra terrestrial? I like to believe the world is ready for that.

What’s Your Theory?

What does Stonehenge mean to you? Have you been there and felt any interesting energy? Feel free to share your thoughts on what the true meaning of Stonehenge is and what experiences you may have had there.

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  1. passenger

    “Then again, would we ever truly find out the truth if the implications were extra terrestrial?”

    Joe, I think that it would be cool that extra terrestrials were involved.

    However, I would think it even more awesome if we found out that our ancestors weren’t so stupid after all. In fact, I think that would be the most amazing outcome: the realization our stupid caveman ancestors weren’t so dumb. Maybe we are the stupid ones?…

    • Kelly

      I thought this was an all ready realized fact (that we’re the stupid ones – lol)

    • -.-

      Thinking that ancestors were stupid is the most stupid thing modern people do. I think of it this way; If we give modern technology to those who built Stonehenge, all the pyramids and other magnificent sites, we would have conquered half of the galaxy by now. Because if they were able to build that with the tools they had, what could they do with tools we have?

      • bucket

        I agree. The Egyptian race knew of jets, airplanes, and even helicopters. Had they of known of electricity and propulsion; they would run our galaxy and possibly be smarter than EBE one(alien captured during the space craft crash in Roswell, New mexico). We humans could be at zeta reticule by now.

        • “Had they of known of electricity…” duh! They DID know about electricity! It’s been shown that they had electric lights within the pyramids and other caverns. They also had a form of air-conditioning within the pyramids.

          But, please don’t take my word for it. RESEARCH and READ! You will discover that the builders of the pyramids had much more than what we have today, and then some.

          btw…Does anyone know “WHY?” the rest of the the Dead Sea Scrolls have NOT been released to the public? Only a select couple of dozen scrolls have EVER been released. Nothing more!

          • The dead sea scrolls are available but because of their condition would not be allowed to physically be handled. Some of them were even sold in the wall street journal.

  2. keveveritt@HOTMAIL.COM

    looks like a map of the stars may be there way of paying tribute to the heavens

  3. Lisa Thomson

    every year my family stoped off here on our way to Cornwall for the summer hols. ( 1966 / 72 ) we used to park in a layby and walk over the feild and around these stones, i’ve sood and held them they are magnificent , it’s too commercialised now to be able to ‘ commune ‘ with the stones any more, i need the quiet & natural sounds to tune out

  4. Marilyn Nix

    Stonehenge was a pagan monument of worship for the goddess – the feminine side of the Creator. All creatures entered life through the womb of the goddess which is represented by the alignment of Stonehenge.

    The pagans had not become completely left -brain hemisphere oriented as we are, and therefore, still had respect and reverence for the divine feminine.

  5. Mike

    Technically its only about 50/60 years old anyway it was rebuilt to what people thought it looked like in the 50s using cranes they tend to leave that bit out of the history books though that’s why if you look at close ups they have metal supports inside the stones and have been patched up with concrete lol

  6. Running Bear

    Human’s need to realize this is only a landing pad.You will never understand this simple construction because you have no idea how it was put there and way.Maybe you should look at ley lines maybe you catch on.

    • Kevin

      I would agree. How convenient it would be to determine where you are in an Earth year if, right when you land, you can see where the sun hits the stones so you know what season it is. A handy thing considering the traveler took an unknown amount of time to get here and would not be a native and could not tell by one days weather what specific season it was.

  7. kart

    I like the zeta reticule theory . why the hell is information of (not recent) past hidden from us . it should be common knowledge.
    I think agencies withholding information are too scared of empowering people with the truth, for what ? We’re not children, give us some credit of being able to handle info.

    Maybe it will at least shift focus from the current slaughter that happens all around the world .
    We as a species can dedicate resources and time to look inwards and to space.

  8. Jon Normandin

    I think Stone Hedge is unfinished and is the beginning of a burial mound system. Perhaps to double as shelter during times of great distress.

  9. Jaqui

    In the book The Light In Britain by Grace & Ivan Cook there’s an interesting chapter on Stonehenge. Grace Cooke was a medium channel for White Eagle. Pilgrims came from many lands chanting and singing, invoking God. Thereafter these are holy places, the paths of the sun. The Priests of the Sun had mastery over the power of sound. The mounds were rendered weightless by infusion of energy and sound.
    An ancient man once said that unbelieving people in the future would wonder at the ruins of Stonehenge. But the truth will be far too simple for them to understand, for they will have lost their magical powers which were common to the Priests of the Sun. The spirit of these great Sun Gods , who first came to this ancient land of Britain, still lingers to inspire the people of this land to deeds of courage, kindness and goodwill.

  10. June

    How old is this planet?!!
    It’s called Evolution, we have been here before, and it starts all over again.


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