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At one point or another, you may find yourself feeling “stuck” in life. Life feels stagnant and its waters no longer rage with passion or depth. When your options in life cease to feel limitless, it is only natural to feel as if you have hit a wall which you cannot move past. Unfortunately, this natural reaction only limits you more by breeding a negative mindset and essentially, if left unchecked, a resistance to life as a whole.

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To clear negative blocks in your life you must consciously identify their origins and confront them. Once you are mindful of exactly what is holding you back in life, it begins to lose its control over you and you are able to move beyond it. Here are some common reasons for “life paralysis:”

1. Lifestyle patterns

There are three major aspects of your life that can create negative blocks: your relationships, your occupation and your environment. Imbalances in these areas create blocks that prevent you from personal growth, expansion and happiness. To identify which, if any, of these areas are holding you back in life sit quietly and close your eyes. Let images of your life come to mind effortlessly without placing much thought towards them. Images that you instinctually attempt to shy away or contract from are the areas in your life that are holding you back.

 2. Having fixed ideas

There is no room for personal growth when your views on life are rigid. The ego begs you to hold tightly to your beliefs because they create a false sense of identity to cling to, making it seem dangerous to let them go. However, doing so keeps you from evolving past your mind made self. In a sense, having fixed views creates a waking death. You are unable to learn without an open mind, thus imprisoning yourself from moving forward in life. Remember, breathing does not automatically equate with living.

3. Focusing on what you are lacking in life Trapped

When you place a lot of attention towards what your life is missing, you only multiply the amount of things you lack. Doing so causes you to miss out on opportunities to create new experiences, causing you to remain at a standstill with all that you lack because experiences are what promote growth in your life. When you dwell on what you have lost in the past, you are unable to move towards your destiny. You stand in your own way, and ultimately you become the main block in your life.

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