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Meditation has quickly become one of the most talked about and used conscious practices in the modern world. Various religious leaders, spiritual gurus, professional athletes, celebrity figures and probably a number of your family and/or friends all swear by it to being a key part in their lives. As a person who practices meditation somewhat regularly, I can personally understand not only its benefit but also why it continues to grow and be adopted by more and more people worldwide.

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Despite its continued growth and popularity, meditation -like so many other practices -is not without ridicule, as a large portion of the world’s population are still happy to classify it as pseudoscientific, or a waste of time. In response to this common classification, the group at Big Think have created an easy to understand short video that explains the neuroscience behind meditation.

The other element that the video offers, that I particularly enjoy, is a reminder about the many misconceptions that surround what meditation should entail for it to be legitimate -misconceptions that I believe play a big part in turning a lot of people away from trying it out.

Removing The Skepticism

As Dan Harris openly admits at the beginning of the video, he too was once a skeptic of meditation. His turning point came through the science that backed the benefits it could have on our immune system, brain and ability to be present in the current moment amongst other things. My personal turning point came in just trying it out. Much like with anything else we’ve never done before, our mind will always be quick to construct judgements and stories to prevent us from stepping outside of our current box.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch

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It’s only when we go beyond those stories that we are able to not only open ourselves up to new things but also expand our experience, even if the expansion results in nothing more than us trying something out but quickly identifying that it’s not for us at this time.

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