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When I first heard about this video, I was apprehensive of watching it. The moment a child has to come out to their parents is probably one of the most stressful times in a child’s life, so to have an inside look at this moment gone horribly wrong was something that brought me much anxiety.

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I remember my own coming out moment. There were fears running rampant in my head -fear of rejection, fear of being hated, fear of being talked about, fear of losing friends and loved ones in my life. But never once did I fear that my own mom or dad, the two people who loved me and raised me for so many amazing years, would be so consumed with anger and hate due to their religious beliefs that they would physically attack me.

This article wasn’t written to slander religion, this must be made clear. As Joe Rogan once said, “people could worship the Spaghetti-god for all I care.” But what this video raises awareness around is something which needs to be addressed. It’s the same problem we see today with the war in the Middle-East.

We are being taught to defend our belief systems to such a degree, that hurting or killing another human is completely justified. We are blowing up innocent families, we are disowning our own children, we are spreading hate to a disturbing degree. I can’t help but wonder, would any loving god really want this for us?

This 19 year-old  boy manages to capture a terrifying moment in which he reveals to his Christian family that he is gay. The video has garnered much attention around the web, particularly in support of the teenage boy, Daniel Pierce, who was beaten and kicked out of his parent’s house after telling them about his sexuality.

A GoFundMe campaign which was kick-started only 2 weeks ago has already managed to raise almost $95,000 for Daniel Pierce. He’s since put a cap on the campaign and advocates that any other donations should be sent to the LGBTQ youth homeless crisis organization, Lost-n-Found Youth . He currently resides at a friend’s/aunt’s house in Atlanta, Georgia.

While stories of parents accepting and affirming their LGBT children are becoming more common, this clip provides a stark reminder that many LGBT youth still face emotional, physical and spiritual violence in their families of origin. Familial rejection is one of the leading causes of the high number of LGBT youth who are homeless.

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It’s incredible to see the collective efforts of people across the world reaching out in support of Daniel’s situation. Hopefully this video serves as a reminder that now is the time to collectively work together to move away from hatred, segregation and war, especially when these travesties are being instigated by out-dated belief systems.



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