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There will be a blood moon total lunar eclipse on October 8th 2014. Unfortunately for North Americans, most will not be able to see it, but the Slooh Observatory has come to save the day on that one. They will be doing a live webcast of the total lunar eclipse starting at 5:00AM EDT. If you want to see this eclipse via webcast, you are going to want to save or bookmark this link and come back on October 8th at 5AM EDT time.

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The live webcast will be hosted by Slooh astronomer Bob Berman, along with Geoff Fox, Paul Cox, Duncan Copp, and other special guests.

“The color of the moon when the eclipse is total delivers an environmental report card about ourselves,” Berman explained in a press release. “If the Moon turns coppery red, that’s normal. But a black totality indicates either major volcanic eruptions on Earth, or rare cloudiness surrounding the limb of our planet. This potential variability provides yet another reason to tune in.”

Where to View Live

As mentioned, the eclipse will be difficult to view for most of the world since it occurs mainly over the Pacific Ocean. It will be easiest to view the eclipse from parts of eastern Australia, New Zealand, eastern Asia, most of Japan,  the Hawaiian Islands, and the western part of North America.


Watch The live Webcast On Oct 8th

You can watch the live event by clicking the image below on October 8th at 5:00 AM EDT. Live feeds will be streamed from multiple locations located in Australia and North America. Viewers can ask the hosts questions by using #SloohBloodMoon on social media.

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