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As the public debate over the safety of genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) continues, many are already wondering how they can choose products that aren’t using GMO’s. This could be made quite simple if some sort of governing authority forced companies to label their products if they contain GMOs so people know what they are buying, but there seems to be a lack of cooperation in having this motion move forward.

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Perhaps it’s corporate lobbying or a protection of corporate interest. Or maybe it’s a legitimate fear of casting a negative stigma over a product for no real reason. Either way, people have the right to know what they are eating and given we don’t have any clear signs that GMOs are safe, people deserve to have the choice.

Opting Out Of GMOs

Those who are passionate about the GMO issue and who have worked hard to raise awareness about it are often looking for the best ways to boycott GMOs. One of the most effective ways to put an end to any product you don’t want to see out there is to simply not support it. Opt out of it! Vote with your dollars.

Avoid buying products or support brands that use and support GMOs. Since there are huge numbers of people and companies against GMOs, there are plenty of options for almost any food product or health care product so you can still buy something healthy and affordable while still avoiding GMOs or brands who support them.

The Science Suggesting GMOs Are Unsafe

There have been scientific studies done that show GMOs can be safe for human consumption. But there have also been studies done that show GMOs, and the methods of growing them (RoundUp) are unsafe when it comes to human health. One of the biggest arguments against GMOs from those who don’t support them is that they have not been around long enough to show the long-term dangers. 

But some already believe that the long-term dangers are clear and claim studies have illustrated that. Here are 10 studies that found GMOs to be harmful to human health. Perhaps this issue is also a politically driven one given a Wikileaks document shows that the United States intends on retaliating against countries who don’t accept GMOs. More on the political front can be seen here.

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You can see a larger list of studies and research here. And to be fair, here is a list of studies that illustrate GMO safety. Interestingly, regardless of these studies, countries continue to ban GMOs and brands continue to avoid them.

Perhaps it is because scientists must ask biotech corporations permission before publishing their studies. This means if biotech companies don’t want a study seen in peer-review journals, they have control over that.

List Of Companies To Avoid

If avoiding GMOs and not supporting them is something you want to do, here is a list of companies to avoiding buying products from. By avoiding them, over time they will hopefully consider removing GM ingredients from their foods so as to not “go under.”


Sources are listed throughout the article.


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