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What if someone wore your skin down a runway?  This is something to think about, especially this month, when one of the biggest fashion shows in the world just finished taking place, “The New York Fashion Show.”

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The fashion industry (among others, like the cosmetic industry) kills and tortures millions of animals just so we can look like the programmed idea of “beautiful.” Things are changing however, and more people are starting to see this side of the fashion industry and its plain ugly.

How animals are treated on this planet is heart breaking, it`s one of the many things we need to change as a human race if we want to move forward. We’ve drifted far from what we once were, into something most of us don’t even want to be.

Nothing like this can resonate with the soul of anybody, the mind however can be programmed (through mass marketing) to accept it or turn a blind eye.

Animals have no voice, so we must be it for them. Please visit PETA for more information, one of many great organizations trying to protect animals worldwide.

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