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“Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud and that the major cancer research organisations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them.” – Linus Pauling PhD (Two-time Nobel Prize winner).

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Have you ever wondered why, despite the billions of dollars spent on cancer research over many decades and the promise of a cure which is forever “just around the corner,” cancer continues to increase? Why does modern medicine swear by chemical medicine while divorcing themselves from the natural world? Is there really no better and safer ways to deal with cancer than to radiate, burn or surgically remove it?

In this 9 part docu-series “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest” these questions will be answered and more!

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Here’s a look at what each episode is about:

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Episode 1

  • The truth about the history of chemotherapy and how the original “chemos” were based on the mustard gases of the world wars
  • The shocking truth about the involvement of pharmaceutical companies in the construction of the WWII concentration camps (Auschwitz and Dachau and Birkenau)
  • Meet the doctors who have been persecuted and destroyed for curing cancer and learn their heart breaking stories
  • The children who have been forced chemotherapy against their wishes
  • The proof that corruption and fear are being used to enslave cancer patients
  • About the Hoxsey treatment being used in Mexico and meet a lady who was diagnosed with supposedly “terminal” pancreatic cancer FORTY (40) years ago and is still alive because of this treatment. She is the longest surviving pancreatic cancer patient in the WORLD.
  • About the hope that advanced cancer treatments give


Episode 2

  • The truth about how cancer spreads or metastasizes
  • The most effective diagnostic methods for breast cancer and how mammograms actually cause cancer
  • The shocking history of the “pink ribbon” and the truth about the Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) scam
  • The problem of breast cancer over diagnosis
  • The effect and importance of hormones relating to cancer
  • How to prevent and treat skin cancer with a plant that grows in Australia
  • Visit Australia for interviews with docs and patients
  • Essential oils that prevent and heal cancer – meet a young lady who cured her allegedly “terminal” brain cancer with essential oils.
  • Impromptu interview with a homeless man in Atlanta who has terminal lung cancer – we gave him frankincense oil


Episode 3

  • Viruses that selectively target cancer cells – visit Riga, Latvia with the TTAC crew
  • Meet 3 supposedly “terminal” patients (one from Russia, one from Latvia, and one from Ukraine) that are alive because of RIGVIR viral therapy.
  • The importance of eradicating the cancer stem cells that give rise to more cancer cells
  • The dangers of GMOs and other toxins in our food supply and the clandestine efforts to prevent the labeling of GMO foods.
  • The profound effects that juicing has on the body – learn the story of a man who lives in Australia and is healing from cancer using “nature’s medicine”
  • The importance of eating a wide range of organic fruits and vegetables
  • The global efforts to limit our access to nutritional supplements (Codex Alimentarius)


Episode 4

  • The corruption of the food industry and their efforts to keep us eating “dead” food which will eventually kill us.
  • Visit a Cancer Clinic in Mexico and learn about the amazing results of healing cancer with sound and light (sonophotodynamic therapy) – meet several patients who are alive because of this treatment
  • A doctor from India teaches us which sugars are OK for cancer patients and which ones should be avoided
  • Lean how “nature’s candy” can actually prevent cancer
  • How to easily grow your own nutrient dense food (sprouts) for pennies a day
  • Two “excitotoxins” that cause cancer (oncogenesis) – glutamine and aspartame
  • Tour the garden of a well-known doctor who uses nature’s medicine


Episode 5

  • The effect of a toxic mouth on cancer – hear from a renowned biological dentist in Tennessee who is also an NMD
  • The importance of a healthy and properly aligned spine
  • Meet a man who healed his “terminal” kidney cancer by correcting his spine
  • Discover how and why toxic metals (mercury) and additives to our water (fluoride) cause cancer
  • The link between vaccines and cancer and the current effort to force vaccines on the entire global population
  • Learn about how German Big Pharma Executives, who were actually convicted of war crimes at the Nuremberg Trails, were “exported” to the USA via Operation Paperclip
  • What you think and feel does matter in the cancer puzzle – emotional techniques to heal the body and reverse cancer
  • Learn the true science behind homeopathy and visit London to meet a young lady who was diagnosed with supposedly “Terminal” brain cancer 19 years ago and is “alive and well” due to homeopathy


Episode 6

  • Learn the correct sequence to detoxify the entire body from two renowned physicians (Dr. Dan Nuzum and Dr. Edward Group)
  • Meet “The Juice Lady” and discover how she eliminated a tumor simply by juicing
  • Discover little known correlation between certain undergarments (bras) and cancer
  • Meet two ladies who were supposedly “terminal” and are healthy and thriving due to “healthy vaccines”
  • Visit a Cancer Clinic in Cologne, Germany and learn about innovative therapies being done there, including Dendritic Cell Vaccines.
  • Learn about the PLACEBO and NOCEBO effects, and how the power of BELIEF should be harnessed
  • Learn about fantastic fungi (medicinal mushrooms) which fight cancer
  • Discover how “nature’s medicine” (herbs, foods, supplements) can help people that are currently undergoing chemo and radiation and how to make these conventional treatments less toxic and more targeted


Episode 7

  • Learn about a cancer treatment (the Budwig Diet) explained by a renowned doctor with three clinics in Spain
  • Meet a lady who is a member of the Royal Society of Medicine in London and how she healed her allegedly “Terminal” pancreatic cancer with nature’s medicine
  • Discover the importance of clean electricity and PEMF
  • Learn the sordid tory of how an exceptional treatment (GCMAF) was shut down in Europe in a “Nazi-esque” type of raid
  • Learn about the best and most healing types of water from a Russian scientist who was on the Chernobyl research team.
  • How Sunlight & Superfoods can prevent and treat cancer
  • Visit a clinic in California and learn about the importance of oxygen (hyperbaric oxygen chambers)
  • Learn about the importance of the earth’s magnetic field in overall health


Episode 8

  • How “Curative Cannabis – Heavenly Hemp – Medical Marijuana” is effective at preventing and beating cancer
  • Travel with the TTAC team to London and meet a man who was diagnosed as “Terminal” who used hemp oil to reverse his cancer
  • The way that herbs and foods can actually turn off the “cancer switches” in your body and turn on the “healthy switches” (epigenetics)
  • Burzynski’s anti-neoplaston treatment (Visit his clinic in Houston)
  • Meet a man from Nigeria who is alive because of Dr. Burzynski
  • Learn how the FDA is putting a “hold” on cancer treatments, and children are dying because they have no access to these treatments. The FDA’s reason àthe treatments are too risky
  • Visit two doctors in Heerlen, Netherlands and learn about their micronutrient therapy that has successfully treated over 10,000 cancer patients in Europe
  • Take a trip with the TTAC team to Rosarita, Mexico and learn about Gerson Therapy


Episode 9

  • Cancer Conquerors

Watch The Truth About Cancer Now!

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